Monday, December 29, 2014


I sit here and think of all the things that have happened in 2014 and just shake my head in disbelief. 

JANUARY we had the coldest POLAR VORTEX  winter we have ever had. It was brutal. I shoveled so much snow I just got so sick of it. Heavy, wet and cold all winter  long. I seemed to never catch up and never get warm enough. Glad it ended.
I ended up in an ambulance, for the first time in my life in late Jan., headed to the ER with my head so dizzy I could not stand up. I stayed 24 hours in the hospital and they found I had 
"Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo 
Sounds bad but it just is plain VERTIGO. I was remarkably healthy otherwise. I had many comments on how amazing my blood tests were.

FEBRUARY and MARCH  Came in with more health problems for family members and a loss of a child that we all were shocked over. I had my eyes tested and the Dr. told me I had Glaucoma..which later in the year was found to NOT BE TRUE. I was so relieved. 
APRIL  We still were having SNOW here in Michigan.. it just would not STOP Easter came and it was cold one day and warm the next. Mother nature just could not decide. 
MAY  Came in with another illness only this time my sister had kidney problems. They went from bad to worse and in 
JUNE  She landed in the hospital in another town for 10 days and one in ICU nearly dying. Very scary times and she still is using the drugs and has improved a lot, but is not stable yet.
JULY while Sis was ill, I received a call I had been waiting a long time for. A new apartment was available. I spent most of the month moving from one place to another in the heat of the summer.                                   

I have been busy adjusting to my new place to live and gathering furnishings and celebrating the fall and winter here in a new town. Riding the bus to town, meeting neighbors, learning how to gather supplies and find places for all the stuff I have in such small surroundings. I purchased in December a painting that I thought was something I could look at for a long time. I love the waves and the ocean and always have. It will never be far from me.  So much happened this year with friends and family, I pray every day and night that several will be cured completely and permanently. I hope 2015 brings us all good health and happiness. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014


SO December rolled in and NO SNOW, we have green grass and warm temps and it seems more like November weather. I like it one way and not in another. Reminds me of my winters in California. If we had some frosty mornings there it is all we could ask for.  Will it snow by Christmas, who knows. We just wait and see. In my new apartment it is really different because it is warm inside. Luckily, heat is free here so I am enjoying a nice break this year. 

 I went on a search in many places for a 4 foot tree with NO LIGHTS. I had no luck.
I am still looking for it. Seems all the ones they have already have lights and cost way more than I want to pay. Whatever happened to simple. Well I bought a smaller one and I guess it will do for this year. I got rid of so many of our old things that I have not much left so am starting a new collection. I can't wait until after Christmas ornament sales. Know I will get some real gems. I went on a search through so many boxes looking for the stockings that my mother knitted back in the 60's. She took to knitting really easy I was told by the neighbor lady who taught her. I sure am glad that I found them.   These two were used just as decorations. 
One was really large, I don't remember why she made it that big but it sure has held up well all these years. The lady who taught mom made all us kids our own stockings and boy did we use them too. 
Starting my baking late this year, not sure what kind of cookies I will be making but I will be making them. Hope the neighbors help me eat them.  ;-)


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Winter came in early November this year. We are grateful it didn't arrive as early as last year. The yard crews came and blew the remaining leaves around while the snowflakes fell. People were moving in and out of apartments here frantic to get done before the next big storm hit.I try to think of where I stored my Thanksgiving things and all my Christmas ornaments I saved.I didn't have as many as I thought I had sooo it's start all over again this year.  I bought a small 2 foot table tree but changed my mind and decided a larger one was needed since my living room space was large. I have made many trips to our local thrift store looking for items for the holidays. I am AMAZED at what people get rid of. I bought two plates to hang on the wall and was surprised that when I looked them up on line they were collectibles and worth way more than what I paid for them even without their certificates.
This one is called Silent Night

This one is called I'll be home for Christmas.

I think I have a moonlight sleigh ride theme going on. They look nice on the wall anyway. I will be checking again there soon. 

Thanksgiving is only days away and still not sure just what I will be doing, baking or making for dinner. Diet dictates strict guidelines but maybe just ONE day will be okay. Who knows I might even bake a pie this year too!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Getting in the mood for the holiday here. Halloween was
always a favorite of mine in school. We would have
a whole school party in grade school and have cake
walks and fishing booths and a parade through the whole school.
I think they still do some of those things now too. As things got scary
out there in the real world, schools decided to have parties
like we did in the “olden” days and all the kids now either
have parties at school during hours or after and even
churches have parties here. The parties consist of cars in the
parking lot and each party has goodies in the trunk of their
car. YEP, almost like tailgating. Kids go to each car and pick up
their treats and when they are done maybe have a game or two
indoors or out depending on the weather.
Here in Michigan it is often cold, rainy, or snowing.This year it will be pretty chilly, some parts of the state may even have snow flurries..YES I said it!!

It amazes me at the talent and creativity that people have when carving a pumpkin for Halloween. This particular one just blew my mind. Such a neat design. The most creative I ever got was drilling holes in one and putting lights inside. This year I am still getting settled in my new place but have my fall decoration hung up in a place of honor in my apt. In our old home we had it on the front door of our house. It still looks pretty good despite being packed away for 4 years. I managed to buy some candy in case I get a trick or treaters here, I am not quite sure what our complex does for the holiday, but there are several families and quite a few children here. 
Did I keep some for me?? Uhh YES I did.. candy favorite, but those PEEPS ghosts and pumpkins are running a close second. However you celebrate, if you do, have a fun,safe holiday! 

Monday, September 29, 2014


I smiled the biggest  watching a neighbor teach his daughter how to ride a small two-wheeler. The bike never had training wheels and a small boy neighbor could ride it easily. She could not. So dad got his chance to run around holding the back of the bike and running along beside her. They did all this on the cement or paved street, smart dad. I remember falling on that street. OUCH…oh how I wish I had a video of that moment. There is no feeling in the world like the wind rushing through your hair as you ride as fast as you can and feel like you have wings for the first time. Wife came out and filmed a lot of her riding attempts. She just had to keep peddling. She tried another part of the complex that was flatter. MUCH better results. In less than two hours she was riding like a pro. BIG smile on her face. Neighbors came outside and applauded her efforts. I yelled..”Good JOB..DAD too!” I swear his face lit up like a Christmas tree all twinkly. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon at the end of September 2014. I had to think, I hope she remembers where and when she was when she learned, I remember where and how but not WHEN.  I hope her mom NEVER loses that video. A whole new world is ahead of her. Today she went to school, no doubt, with stories of her success. Can’t wait to see if she still rides well after school.. Stay tuned. 
OH DEAR Blog Readers….the smells from my kitchen this morning brought tears to my eyes. I used my oven to bake my mother’s recipe for BANANA BREAD.. OH how the whole place smells like home and MOM making  it over and over again. She loved it so. She never needed the recipe almost up to the day she left. She made it so many times it was in her memory bank.  ALWAYS the end piece with lots of butter on it, that was her favorite. HOT HOT out of the oven would make her just ooooh and ahhhh.  Making it this time for my sister’s birthday. I omitted the pineapple this time and made it plain. Can you smell it??? YUMMM!! Haven’t had this in ages. Last time I made bread it was in the microwave for lack of an oven. Well it was edible, but just not the same. It cracked on top just like MOM made it. So happy it came out good. Recipe link is above.
DSCN6522Got to say the fall here in Michigan this past week has been spectacular. The leaves changing very quick but the temps have been mild and cool at night. NO rain, just does feel like October instead of September though. I fear the winter will be early this year again. Still looking for the wooly worm and his prediction but the black squirrels here are  busy storing nuts from the nearby trees like crazy. That alone is scary. I shudder thinking about last winter, but at least know this year there will be way way less shoveling for me here in my new place. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Nothing like moving into a new place to live and having to learn a whole new way to do things. I sure don't mind, but I just never know when I am breaking a rule or two..

... DON'T FLUSH at night! Around my building I have NEVER heard a person flush a toilet at night. IS that weird?? Granted I have only been here a short while, but so far the rule has stuck. Everyone has their own schedules and lives to lead, but common courtesy is NOT to flush in the middle of the night. I have heard showers run in the middle of the night but NO FLUSHING...just plain strange.

...ALWAYS ASK before you make changes in your apartment walls. Some places, I have been told, do not allow nails or any type of puncturing of their wall surfaces. I got lucky.. it was pretty lax here but I haven't pushed my luck just yet. Starting over I don't have a whole lot to add to the walls. I made a trip to the local GOODWILL store and bought some small snack plates I thought were charming. Very appropriate for the season. I thought how neat to look at them all the time. So I hung them up. Tiny nails and plate hangers. Guess that didn't break any rules. As you can see the walls are WHITE and boring and I have no earthly idea how I am going to decorate them so far. I guess I will know when the time comes though. (The plates, by the way, were collectibles and ended up being worth at least 10 times what I paid for them. I was very happy when I looked them up on EBay. I love a bargain!)
Sure miss all the stuff Mom had at our house that I could not keep. We decorated for every holiday. It's fun though finding all the things that make a place your own. Looking forward to the holidays and already got my turkey.. well not edible anyway. This bird was handmade by a local artisan in 1979. I will be using it as a centerpiece this year on my table. 
Next will be finding new things for Christmas, stores already have their decorations up, should be easy to do. Apartment life is a work in progress right now. Never know what you will do or find next. I also hung this up on my wall so I could see it every says what I think about where I am right now. It's something I do every day.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Crazy week so far, busy and strange...

Every single thing here I have used this past week. They truly are
lifesavers. All this moving has made the old body pop and snap and so
I am using any and everything I can to get by.  I bought a new grocery cart that 
surely will come in handy this winter getting groceries inside my place. The less
trips the better I say.. NO lifting either. Wonderful idea! 

Kept hearing banging and thought someone was fixing a roof to the building.
When I went outside I saw that the balcony on the other side was being torn down.
TERMITES! Oh that made me feel creepy. I mean what about the rest of the building?
Needless to say, they are inspecting the whole building. Erected back in the early 70's
these places need updating anyway. Having a balcony patio that gives way is very scary indeed. As I stood and watched them working a neighbor came and introduced herself to me. She said that I was the LUCKY ONE.. I guess they nicknamed me
that. I was the one with an almost NEW apt. All new carpets, floors, bathroom etc. It
wasn't because of me.. it was because the older lady lived here sooo long. She was here for 24 years!!! She said that EVERYONE wanted the apartment that I was in. Well, I guess I am lucky then, because I got it instead of someone else being re-located.
LUCKY ME.. This is the one and only plant I have in my apartment so far, it has traveled FAR..for many years to get to this place. The only plant left that my mother had. I placed it in the East windows and it seems happy there. The hula girl was a present, she shakes when the sun hits her.. very entertaining!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


MY prayers to his family who must be heartbroken over his death. The world mourns the loss of his great heart and loving gentleness. We will laugh for years to come with a sense of sadness. Rest in the Peace you find out there among the stars in heaven. WE WILL MISS YOU

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Part Two is made up of two parts... One moving stuff in and getting it settled and Two getting used to apartment living again. I LOVE IT! 

I had the help of some of my gal friends and I managed to get a lot done this past week. There have been many delays.. the weather for one, my exhaustion for another. Making so many trips to the apartment by the car loads just plain wore me out. I know that at the end I will be more than satisfied that I did it mostly by myself and that I accomplished a lot. I didn't really have any furniture to speak of. Some small things and a lot I will be picking up along the way. I gave away a lot when I had no place to store them and others kept them safe for me. It was good to see them again. This chair was found at an estate sale. My girlfriend and I got it into her car and took it to it's new home. I love to rock in it. Matches things great.  We stopped by this large sale and saw many things there priced really low and some really new. I was excited to say the least. I learned that the children were selling the whole house full after their last parent, their father had died not three weeks before. I sat in the chair and it was so comfy. I really appreciated how clean and new looking it was. The lady teared up and said" I can see my mother rocking in that chair." That is all it took.. I started crying myself. I told her that I would take very good care of the chair and cherish the memory of her mother.It was a moment I would never forget. I have spent many hours in it so far...thinking about new life and new beginnings.

SALT.. a clock.. a hammer...soap,how could you forget these things?? Well I did..I found myself without a lot of small things. Scissors, a screw driver. I remembered so well where they were in our old home. How many we had of each kind... all gone now. Starting over at my age is not easy..there are a lot of bumps along the way but I will get there sooner or later.. There is more to come...just have to take time to tell you all about's a real story.. LIFE over again... hopefully for the last time moving too.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


July is almost over already..hard to believe it. We had such a long winter, I am enjoying the warmth so much. Not the humidity mind you, but the warmth.  In all the crazy goings on with my sister's illness I got a  cellphone call while she was in ICU..sooo unexpected.I almost did not answer it. I went out in the hallway and answered it. I could hardly believe it. A manager of an apartment complex was calling about an apartment that I had been on a waiting list for a long long time.  Did I still need an apartment?? I spoke up and said YES, trying to speed up the conversation and get back to the ICU. Sis was completely out of it with her blood being totally out of balance so I had to be there. She said she would call me back, that one was now available but there was some glitches that would have to be worked out. GLITCHES??? I could only imagine. 
I left the hospital and waited for her call. It seemed that I had to rent the apartment by July 1st or lose it to someone else. All the paperwork, deposits and etc. had to be signed by July 1st. That only gave me 4 DAYS to get things together. In the meantime I had to get Sis back home from the hosp and settled and then run like crazy to get all the other things in order. It was hot on June 29, I sat in the office of the manager for 4 longggg hours..  Soo many interruptions made it hard for her to finish my paperwork. Everything had to be done so fast. I got the keys on JULY 1st but the place was still being cleaned and touched up. Seems the woman who lived there was there for 24 years and so they had to completely clean and renew all the carpets and flooring and etc..The manager told me that all the tenants were jealous of my brand new place. I was happy..nothing OLD about it. So I began moving some things over and then  

I used the apartment fridge for storage for most of our frozen food. The apartment is in another town 15 minutes away. We stayed there in the day time with a fan running and rested up from the hot nights at home. The whole thing was like a crazy story that was hard to believe. Sis was weak but the apartment was on the first floor so she could just walk right in .. NO STEPS.. we both were happy about that. Waiting for the oil base wall paint smell to go away, I moved load after load of my stuff there in our car. Very time consuming and tiring. As I unpacked,  I was reminded of how many of my things were from my friends and family. We do cherish our memories and I have made many.
I brought in a  camping table, sure has come in handy, I got phone calls about what things I would need or want. I was shocked that so many had items they no longer wanted. In no time at all I would have an apartment full.  Stay tuned for part 2!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I find I  am once again in caregiver mode. I still cannot believe how crazy things have been here. My sister who is younger than me by 6 years has been so ill as I mentioned before. She has been in hospital for over 7 days now. I have been dealing with at least 10 doctors, including specialists, interns and therapists. Exhausting for me and for her. Seems that her meds are so strong they really are making her out of control. 

MY ADVICE TO YOU ALL:  PREDISONE IS NOTHING TO MESS WITH. Some people will have a hard time with it.

It may do the job but BOY is it hard on your body. It messes with you big time. Sis has had hallucinations, enhanced headaches, ringing in her ears, sensitivity to light and sound and all sorts of new things keep popping up. I asked the doctors and they all say that there are no other drugs that she can take and to get better she HAS TO stay on this regime. It may take a long time... WOW.. all of the sudden..we are faced with wheelchairs and canes and thank goodness we kept all of mother's helpers. I have had to rearrange things so that life can be easier for Sis to get around. Landing in the ICU the past few days has been hard. She knows who I am but other than that knows not much. Her blood levels so bad she can't remember her own birthday or anything. She is stable but still so out of it. I remain hopeful that she can get situated so that she can return home soon. ALL PRAYERS appreciated with great THANKS!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sorry it has been awhile since my last update...


June started a little crazy for us here. Doctor's visits, hospital tests and changes in every day living. Sister's condition went from simple to very complicated after many tests and consultations. Seems her immune system is compromised and now has to be reset with powerful drugs. I questioned the diagnosis, but with 4 doctor's opinions, and they are specialists, I agreed with their findings. Every day is a challenge, new side effects popping up. I have a watchful eye on her. This will go on for months so it keeps us busy with mapping out appointments on the calendar. I had a flash back yesterday to when I had to keep track of my mother's schedule with her dialysis, how hectic that was and how similar this illness seems to be. I find myself back in caregiver mode again, something I never thought would happen. I am glad at least I have the experience to deal with such an illness..

The weather warmed up and that was a blessing. It was time to put in the AC and stay cool. I purchased a very small one for just one room. Getting it up 14 stairs was no easy task, but one by one I did it. Securing it was another problem though. Old house and old windows..everything had to be re-enforced to make sure it did not fall out into our driveway. What in the world did they do in the OLD OLD days to keep cool without a fan I have no idea? They were tougher than me that's for sure.   This summer has been a cooler one than last year, easier to do chores and outside work is okay by me.

My tablet was not working, after three months using it, it decided it wanted to type words for me all the time and not charge when it said it was charging. I guess it had a mind of it's own. I called the company and paid the shipping to have them send me a new one. I got a call one afternoon ,after I sent it back, from OKLAHOMA...they apologized that they did not have the same model and would I like to try a larger size. YES, yes I would!! So they sent me a 10 inch size. Has been wonderful...comes in handy while sitting waiting for Sis in so many places. I still use the laptop every day, but boy I do love the new technology so much.  Hard to believe only 5 years ago when I had only a large desktop and monitor and no way to leave the room with it.  Love the freedom. 
Speaking of case I don't get back here hope you all have a 
it will be here before you know it. 

Monday, May 5, 2014


Most who follow this blog and have been aware of all the life happenings in the past will be interested in hearing this.  The family member I mentioned before, who was ill, was my younger sister and she will be following up with a KIDNEY specialist soon for KIDNEY problems. She recently put on excessive weight that water pills would not handle. Having parents who died of kidney failure scares me a lot. I sure hope it is not going to come to us next.  Seems everything here is in LIMBO right now, we are in urgent mode and planning and testing takes time. Hurry up and wait I guess is how it will be. 

  May has always been a birthday month for us..Mother and Father's birthday was only days apart. Here are mom and dad when they were young.. taken in Tennessee. It was right after they were married, before they moved to Michigan. They left their families to go north where there was factory work. More money, better lives.
It ended up that we lived in Michigan and had no relatives here at all. We traveled to Tennessee to the farm every summer to visit them though. It was a beautiful place but not so beautiful to me. I have horrible allergies and when I would go there the chickens and hay and cornfields made my asthma really bad. I did enjoy our trips to the Smoky Mountains and the big cities of Nashville, Chattanooga etc.That was always fun. Sister and brother loved the farm, and brother went coon hunting and helped milk cows and chased the chickens. Life on the farm was sure different from city living.   
Mother's Day coming soon, hope all of you have a wonderful day. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


In January I had that horrible spell and went to the ER and stayed overnight in the hospital. I knew full well it was going to cost a fortune. In my mind I knew I would deal with it later. So it's later..I am going through bills and getting more bills in the mail. One notice came and I thought it strange. I called the company and told DONNA I got a notice but for the life of me could not FIND a bill anywhere. She took some information and I was to call her back. I searched high and low for a bill. So I called Donna back and she and I started to work out a payment plan. In a few minutes of talking to each other she stopped mid sentence and said "Do you live in Lansing?" I said NO, she said "No wonder I can't find you..this is NOT YOUR BILL! Seems another person in another city was in the ER on the same day, same time and with my same full name. 
We discussed what to do and how to resolve the problem. I just hope I don't start getting bills from this other person's visit to the ER. How weird is that?? She can have all my bills though..all she wants. I gladly give them up to her. Ha!

My yard is raked and the piles were waiting to be picked up. Down comes the snow again. This time it was not so bad, I won't have to shovel it. The cold came with it, and after 70 the day before I am searching for my heavy coat again. You just can't mess with mother nature this year, she is fiercely hanging on until May sometime. I really liked the warm day we had, at least we got a preview of Spring to come. Sad to say the crocus that was trying to poke it's head got covered though.

Easter is right around the corner. I have not made plans this year, just trying it day to day for awhile. Hope everyone else out there in Blogland has a wonderful day though.     


Saturday, April 12, 2014


Making baby steps to a new beginning takes time and work. Like two steps forward and 10 steps back. That is what it seems to be for me these days. I just am tired of all the confusion and unknown factors.  I am making an effort to move again and do all that packing and sorting that one does. I will be so glad to settle.. for me I want to get to a nice place and stay for a good long while.  Don't know I wait..
A family member is ill and I am trying to cope with that and find answers. The doctors seem to want to test everything and still not find the solution to the problem. Meanwhile the person gets sicker and sicker. Sad to say I have voiced my opinion to some of the said DOCTORS and have gotten those looks. YOU know what ones those are..." YOU know nothing...I KNOW IT ALL." Oh if they only WOULD listen.  We are on..let's see doctor number 4 now...hmmm maybe they all ought to get together for a consult.. Geez.. it's enough to make a person go crazy. 
The weather is better so outside I can walk and work in the yard and try to forget all the stuff that is cluttering my mind. Easter is coming and usually I look forward to fixing a nice dinner and visiting with family. This year..not so much. We just want to keep ourselves going any way we can. HAPPY SPRING..the rains are here and the snow is GONE..except for those nasty big dirty piles in parking lots.. Hope that is the last of it til DECEMBER!!!      HAPPY SPRING FINALLY!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


It was a hard week for us as a family. Such hard news to hear that my niece had lost her baby that she had carried for 9 months. I won't go into details but we are still trying to deal with the loss and the shock. Our hearts are broken. 

The same day I received this tragic news I had come from the eye doctor shaken by the diagnosis of Glaucoma I hardly knew what to think. She said my prescription had changed very little and I could see well, EXCEPT for the Glaucoma. Somehow that sounded weird to me. 
How can I see well and not even know my eyes have this problem?? It's similar to blood pressure in a way. You can have a high number and not even know it. 

I had a ton of questions for the eye doctor. I am still mulling over the idea of a second opinion. These are my EYES..they are precious to me after all.. I sure don't want to make any mistakes or miss something that could hurt me in the future. So now I have to deal with this new illness and try to help it not progress further any faster than it is. There is a surgery, but it only relieves the water pressure build up in the eyes and will not stop the end result of eventual blindness. Scary thoughts creep in when thinking about being in a dark world, with no light. I just don't know what to think. So I end this week that brought us the first day of spring, warmer temps and melting snow, confused, and heartbroken.  

Monday, March 3, 2014




So I haven't been writing much here and there isn't much traffic either, so I will soon turn this place into a private blog. I just need to let go of some things that I cannot keep going. One blog is enough I guess. I will continue to keep my original Wordpress blog open.
You can find the link on the sidebar.  


Sunday, February 16, 2014


On Valentine's day I went for my follow-up appointment for the "spell" I had. They said they opened at 8 AM. They did not. You stood in the cold, trying to keep your feet from freezing to the pavement, until they opened the doors. Many of us gathered complaining that this whole arrangement was crazy. I did mention I was GLAD it was not 20 below wind chill like the week before. I signed in and sat next to the heating vent hoping to stay away from anyone else that had ANYTHING I sure didn't want to catch. Dr. offices are the worst places to be when you are well. When I went back to the cubicle I was asked questions by the RN and all she could say was "Wow" and "Really"...while looking at my charts. I was in remarkable good health. Yay Me!!

 The young doctor, who was a volunteer there looked at my records, he asked"Are we depressed?".. Don't you just love that term.. "WE".. well  I didn't hesitate to answer him. YES, in less than 24 hours two weeks ago I went from not being depressed to really down and depressed. I told him that my little "SPELL" I had, cost me a fortune and it would be literally years before I would be able to catch up. AS they added on tests, my blood pressure continued to rise.Well I will now try to stay calm when the bills come because they will. Spring is coming, may new opportunities come with it. 

 Happy Valentine's day.. hmmm.. I got a nice surprise when I got back to the car. Sis had bought these delicious treats...from the bakery. It's been years since I had tasted one. They were freshly baked and were delicious. The line went outside the door with people waiting to purchase their Valentine goodies. I will long remember this holiday. 
Hope yours was wonderful too. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Imagine yourself on a small boat drifting in a big ocean with no oars to row with. You see the skies darkening and you know something bad is coming but have no way to get away from there fast enough. The waters go from calm to violently rocking and swaying quickly.
It is hard to just stay in the boat and not fall out. 

This is sort of what happened to me this past week. I knew what was coming, but had no way to stop it. Try as I might, it kept getting worse. This feeling of loss of control as the room just went from a small rocking motion to really bad. I have had it before on several occasions. I  knew what to do, but this time I could not help myself like I wanted to. As the day went on the feeling got worse instead of better. I closed my eyes and that helped. I did not move and that helped. It just did not relieve the problem. It is worse than anything to lose control of ones balance and fight to try to get it back and lose the battle.

"Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is one of the most common causes of vertigo — the sudden sensation that you're spinning or that the inside of your head is spinning.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is characterized by brief episodes of mild to intense dizziness. Symptoms of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo are triggered by specific changes in the position of your head, such as tipping your head up or down, and by lying down, turning over or sitting up in bed. You may also feel out of balance when standing or walking."

My case was the room moving and when my eyes tried to focus they twitched and I felt even more out of it. You cannot drink or eat, the waves of nausea come over you so you wait for them to pass. If you have ever experienced it you will not ever want to again.  I was perfectly fine only minutes before this episode, so all of the sudden you feel like a truck has run over you. 

Why it got so bad, why it started..I didn't know. As it got worse several strange things happened. I stood up, which was hard enough to do, and then had a tingling sensation from the top of my head to my toes. THAT was new, I had never had that before. The doctors later said they had no idea why I had that, but they had to check it out. 
CHECK they did..I spent SEVEN HOURS in the ER, being prodded and poked by people talking to me whom I could not see. If I opened my eyes it was worse so I didn't. It gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for the gift of sight. 


Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Something called a POLAR VORTEX came down and blasted its way over more than half the USA. Snow and ice all the way to Alabama. Never seen this much snow in ten years some were saying. The stores were packed and people were smart to stock up. Literally nothing was running in our area..... for 3 DAYS. Kids are off school because of the COLD not the snow. Plows ran 12 hours shifts and they got the roads cleared pretty fast considering how much snow we had. THE COLD is something else again. I ventured out onto the porch and right back inside. Way too cold for me to breathe in, 14 below zero and 25 below when the wind kicked up. NASTY..Colder than ALASKA..that polar vortex was nothing to fool with. I started wearing so many layers of clothes I feel like an Eskimo... Welcome to 2014?? It's starting out very weird.
This was a shot of town with 6 inches of snow..where they put 14 more I have no idea.

I have had this blog at blogger since 2010. I have tried to keep it separate from my Wordpress blog.  Blogging is a venue to express our feelings or talents to the world. 
Well it seems to be really dying out now. I will keep mine around, and write when I feel like it or when I have something to share. What's been happening in my world is something that I had been forbidden to discuss on a public blog. I know that sounds kind of weird but I it's the way it is. Some already know what's going on..others can take any kind of guess they would like. I am NOT in mortal danger or taking drugs etc. but I can say life is not a bed of roses right now. It has not been for some time. I make the best of each day and try to move on. I made some goals for 2014. We will see how well I do. I will update when I can, until are some photos I managed to take while shoveling out this past week. My camera is on it's way out. It has a mind of its own and I have to re do almost every shot I take. Still it takes nice photos.
This poor bush almost broke under the heavy snow, the drift is almost as high as the fence is.

 The snow is as high as the top of the handle. Below you see the van covered up, that is not all drifted snow, it was really deep. 
This was taken before the storm also. We had about 6 inches on the ground.

Stay warm and well my friends...