Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have found that as I get older I am more prone to be attached

to certain not so important objects. Things that others may see

as trivial. The other day I searched the whole house over for

a spatula. Not just any spatula mind I use for

everything. I even have mom using it. On my search I came

across many items that I thought I had lost. Some things

I was glad to see again. Scissors and clippers and placemats

and kitchen towels. I never thought to look outside the kitchen

for the spatula. WHY on earth would it be anyplace else?

So spatula was missing for at least 3 days. I began to fear it

it was thrown out. Heaven Forbid that happen. I loved it's
ease of use and the silicone rubber how it wouldn't burn. Just
when I gave up all hope of finding it. It resurfaced.. none the worse

for wear. Where was it you ask? Well it appears that mom had

used it for something in the BEDROOM of all things and left

it there. I asked her what she used it for and she could not

remember, but we both were happy to see it again.Thanks Sue..

I don't think you ever thought that I would use and get attached to

your gift so much.