Friday, June 23, 2017


WELL here it is JUNE already.. it has felt a lot like July. Humid, hot and rain too.
So many days indoors for me since that humidity is NOT my friend. Asthma sucks in the summertime you just cannot do what you want to. I am sure feeling my age and my limits this year more than usual. I have found some days hard to get around with a bum knee that is wreaking havoc with my mobility. Have had others helping me with some chores and thank GOD for canes and carts. One minute it is fine and the other..wham.. can't walk good at all. I try to do what I can while things are good. 

I have new tenants upstairs and AGAIN they work Nights sleep days and well walking around in the nighttime when they come home from work. Ohh... my best friend these days is my earplugs! They work too well according to my Sis who came by early one morning and could not roust me up. I was not expecting her soo I slept away! I told her to let me know next time. HA! A notice we are getting ANOTHER new manager here. WHAT? This will be my 5th one and I have only been here 3 years.What the heck? Does this happen everywhere? Maybe they are not getting paid enough for the job they are trying to take on. I have no idea. 
ANSWERS to inquiring minds who might want to know...
YES I am still living in the same place
YES I am still collecting shells and beach or coastal decor.
YES I am babysitting my niece's cute little girl. Only occasionally though..she will be two months old in July. My how time flies....

YES I still get updates on the old home place..OH MYyyy they did find the lead leeching out of the paint on the house and had to cover it with siding. We suspected that lead...never had money to do anything about it. ..The house was very pretty green and now it is dark gray.To the left is the big pine tree standing still and the HELL HOUSE is now GONE.. vacant land.
So at least it is getting a makeover from the roof to the siding.. it remains standing and that makes us happy. Family of four living there now. They are digging up the sidewalks and completely replacing them now. It has not been done since the 60's!

 Time moves on..sometimes fast and others at a snails pace. I find myself being grateful to be still here enjoying my life. Blessings to you all..