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Friday, May 4, 2012


I clicked on a link at Facebook and boy was I happy to see this site. It takes us all back to the the 60's when things were so much more simple and relaxed. As I read the content, boy I had to agree with just about everything on it. I remembered my mother using that coke bottle with a stopper on it and sprinkling laundry to iron them.

 I used to love the smell of freshly ironed clothes. Mom had the same wooden ironing board until we had to sell the contents of the house and the board never sold. It remained in the house for the next owner. We had a big old wooden radio in the kitchen that sat on the counter for years. It still worked, but was replaced with a microwave oven. Not sure where the radio went, but wish I still had it would be worth more than it was then. 
So many new conveniences that make our lives easier, or do they? I can remember it taking all day for mom to make a big pot of soup and her tending to it ..made the house smell so wonderful. Now the crock-pot does that in no time and it tastes similar but not really the same. Did your family ever use Green Stamps? We got them at the local A&P store for groceries we bought. I knew we had to go out of town just to redeem them. Mom bought an iron and many other items we needed at home. I can still taste that nasty glue they had on them. Mom made us kids do the licking of the stamps.

Everything is fast now.. the faster the better, some say. I am one to think that slow is better to enjoy every minute of life. Nice to look back on things that really help us see how far we have come along.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Dad told me that when I was little I went on a plane ride and he could prove it. The nice man he worked for owned several gas stations all over the state. In order to do business he had to get places fast.. so he flew a plane into their small airports, did the business and flew back home . Dad worked in a foundry, but had a part time job in a gas station too. He was saving money to buy a house. So one day dad went with him to the airport and took me with him.Dad had planned to just take pictures of his new plane.

Well now the camera came in handy, next thing I knew dad took this of me and the pilot!He asked dad if he could take me up for a short ride. AS young as I was dad was slightly apprehensive, but said yes... MOM would have said NO!

img101/7594/hannaog1.jpg I remember nothing at all about it. Dad told me
the pilot said I cried when we lifted off the ground. He circled the airport and then came back down. When he got back to where dad was.. dad said I grabbed hold of him with a "death grip". TO THIS DAY.. I hate small planes with a passion. I will NOT fly in one.. no way, no how.. I don't even like the 12 seater commuter planes. I don't mind the large planes, but the smaller ones NO WAY!! I think I was so traumatized that I still have some kind of repressed memory or something. Anyway.. I have been looking for the dress up photo and ran across a whole bunch of old ones that even I laughed at. I was a chubby little baby and a chubby little girl for awhile. {If there is a way to scan more than one photo at a time I sure would like to know...doing one at a time is time consuming} so here is one to laugh at ..

This picture was taken in Tennessee at my grandpa's farm . You can see the cows in the background. I have that look on my face again.. I was terrified to stand out under the trees for fear of the snakes I had seen falling from them.
DO NOT remember it at all.. SO weird it is like looking back on someone else's life. It sure made me laugh..though. As you can see I am not a happy camper.


Well so much for the look back.. take time to look back at

some of your pictures today, you might just discover some

things you did not know about.. a get a good laugh out of it.