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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Part Two is made up of two parts... One moving stuff in and getting it settled and Two getting used to apartment living again. I LOVE IT! 

I had the help of some of my gal friends and I managed to get a lot done this past week. There have been many delays.. the weather for one, my exhaustion for another. Making so many trips to the apartment by the car loads just plain wore me out. I know that at the end I will be more than satisfied that I did it mostly by myself and that I accomplished a lot. I didn't really have any furniture to speak of. Some small things and a lot I will be picking up along the way. I gave away a lot when I had no place to store them and others kept them safe for me. It was good to see them again. This chair was found at an estate sale. My girlfriend and I got it into her car and took it to it's new home. I love to rock in it. Matches things great.  We stopped by this large sale and saw many things there priced really low and some really new. I was excited to say the least. I learned that the children were selling the whole house full after their last parent, their father had died not three weeks before. I sat in the chair and it was so comfy. I really appreciated how clean and new looking it was. The lady teared up and said" I can see my mother rocking in that chair." That is all it took.. I started crying myself. I told her that I would take very good care of the chair and cherish the memory of her mother.It was a moment I would never forget. I have spent many hours in it so far...thinking about new life and new beginnings.

SALT.. a clock.. a hammer...soap,how could you forget these things?? Well I did..I found myself without a lot of small things. Scissors, a screw driver. I remembered so well where they were in our old home. How many we had of each kind... all gone now. Starting over at my age is not easy..there are a lot of bumps along the way but I will get there sooner or later.. There is more to come...just have to take time to tell you all about's a real story.. LIFE over again... hopefully for the last time moving too.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Making baby steps to a new beginning takes time and work. Like two steps forward and 10 steps back. That is what it seems to be for me these days. I just am tired of all the confusion and unknown factors.  I am making an effort to move again and do all that packing and sorting that one does. I will be so glad to settle.. for me I want to get to a nice place and stay for a good long while.  Don't know I wait..
A family member is ill and I am trying to cope with that and find answers. The doctors seem to want to test everything and still not find the solution to the problem. Meanwhile the person gets sicker and sicker. Sad to say I have voiced my opinion to some of the said DOCTORS and have gotten those looks. YOU know what ones those are..." YOU know nothing...I KNOW IT ALL." Oh if they only WOULD listen.  We are on..let's see doctor number 4 now...hmmm maybe they all ought to get together for a consult.. Geez.. it's enough to make a person go crazy. 
The weather is better so outside I can walk and work in the yard and try to forget all the stuff that is cluttering my mind. Easter is coming and usually I look forward to fixing a nice dinner and visiting with family. This year..not so much. We just want to keep ourselves going any way we can. HAPPY SPRING..the rains are here and the snow is GONE..except for those nasty big dirty piles in parking lots.. Hope that is the last of it til DECEMBER!!!      HAPPY SPRING FINALLY!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The end of the month is fast approaching. I feel like the fire is under my feet to move quickly to get things done. Deadlines are good, I keep repeating to myself, trying to be convincing at the same time. I  came across this yard filled with tiny violets, it was soothing in a way, mother nature is waking up from such a long winter's sleep.
So many flowers blooming and standing tall after the snows we had just weeks ago. It amazes me. The work continues here and the new temporary place takes shape slowly. Not wanting to unpack a whole lot because the future is kinda cloudy, I can say my new kitchen is looking better and better.  
Some of the old things from the old place are there and some new things too. It's a work in progress, not sure how l will be there so sure don't want to unpack a whole lot. I still have to get used to a way smaller space again. I loved the small place I had in Ca. years ago..I don't think it will take too long. This kitchen was built probably nearly 80 years ago. My place was the servants quarters, compact and useful and not over the top. The kitchen was redone in the 40's and is very much like the kitchen that mom and dad had in their house before it was re done in the 60's. Love the light over the sink and the little shelves. The larger shelves go all the way to the ceiling. Not using those much as  it would take tall ladder to access them, but it's nice to have that storage space anyway. Time is to get moving.