Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MEMORIES Christmas we have tons of them in our minds..the smells and the laughter. I added to them yesterday.. this cute boy sitting in a rocker.. will always be in my mind for Christmas 2012
The rocker was purchased for his mother when she was as young as he and then saved for her children. Finally it was back in use again, albeit quickly, and then he was  off to other toys. So very fast they a blink of an eye..and they are off to school and college and lives of their own. 
Theodore is not quite two, ahhh but the memories he will start having once he figures out that the wrapped packages have things he can actually PLAY with in them!! 
Now there is a face you can just love!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


It's time for the annual baking and making of holiday treats. This year instead of baking so much I just made the Rachael Ray fudge and covered a lot of cherries and pretzels. Upon seeing that a box of chocolate covered cherries in our DOLLAR store had went to 2$ a box I thought better of buying it and just decided to make my own. A tip from something I found told me to just add a tiny bit of Oil to some chocolate chips and microwave them until the melted.( Not water or anything else just oil.) This was the simple recipe..and it worked great. I didn't miss a fancy filling..the taste was there and that was enough. 

 Once I got started dipping.. I was having fun..I thought..WHAT ELSE can I cover. I got a bag of small twisted pretzels and covered some of them. Sis reminded me that some stores are selling those pretzels for quite a lot, so I tried butterscotch and white chips too. All came out pretty darn tasty. Nuts,fruit,whatever was available I was covering it..including my fingers!! The best thing about it's simple, fast and you can keep them easy enough and place them in boxes to give away. LOVE IT!! Whatever goodies you are making or eating this Christmas season..hope you have a wonderful time doing them. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012


This photo is making the rounds on the internet. It was taken last year, not by a real professional photographer but a woman who was taking her sleepy baby to visit Santa for the first time. I sure got a lump in my throat seeing it. What a wonderful Santa to close to real as it gets. Here is the story..