Friday, September 3, 2010


Labor day instills all kinds of thoughts in us. Workers who labor and those we salute proudly. I almost always found myself working over labor day weekend. Rarely did I get a three day off unless it was a scheduled vacation. It was a good thing for me to be working because of the notorious "VIBES" I would get over this one particular weekend every single year. It seemed that something bad or serious or terrible or just plain tragic always happened then. I would alert everyone close to me to be cautious if the vibes were strong enough. One year we had a tornado come near us in my town. One year Princess Diana died, One year Steve Irwin died, One year my mother fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg. One year there was a car accident involving one of my best friends who died.One year, right after labor day, we all experienced 9-11. It goes on and on, so I just can't help feeling a little bit freaked out about this holiday time of the year. NOW..I do everything I can to think of the positive things and keep my mind off the negative ones. I will get a phone call and they will ask "ARE YOU VIBING?"

and I will say.."NO not yet!" and hope that everything stays that way.