Friday, September 17, 2010


If I truly could, I would show you the mess.. it was unbelievable and never have I had such a one in all the days of my life. I have carried a purse or handbag of all kinds since I was a young girl of about 12. What happened you ask? Well ever carry a bottle of liquid makeup in your purse? (Ughhhh don't remind me.)
It was the second or third season I carried that bag, and in my rush to get mom out the door and to her treatment, I threw things into the bag that I would need later on. IMAGINE my shock when I unzipped the purse and, as they say,LORDIE PETE.. I almost lost it! There was makeup on my credit card holder and my wallet change purse, sunglasses, keys, you name it! WHAT A MESS!!!!

I could not bring myself to take a picture of that whole nightmare. I was grateful that my camera was NOT in my bag. So off today and more this weekend in search of a new bag for the winter. The summer one is KAPUT.. I want it out of my sight!
The old winter bag I carried.. well MOM took charge of it and it is now hers. She
decided it was better than hers. More fun for me.. finding a new one!! I am off now to start my quest.. and NO I LEARNED MY LESSON..... NEVER EVER
put a bottle of LIQUID makeup in your bag.. it just isn't worth it!!!
P.S. No..Sis... it wasn't my neat Tiganello mom took over.. no way she gonna get that one!!