Monday, April 16, 2012


So how's your Spring been so far?What's new in your neighborhood?? I feel pretty out of touch these days computer-wise.  We've been very lucky here in the Mitten state, so far no dangerous tornadoes etc. I've been away for awhile and this has kept me very very
busy.It had been quite awhile since I have done childcare. I had forgotten some things and remembered a lot. My age now seems to have caught up with me and boy I sure can't do what I used to do. This little guy is on the go night and day it seems and there is little time for anything else. He isn't quite walking yet but give him another few weeks and off he will go. Then the fun begins for us all. Look out CATS..the two his family have will, no doubt, have to find new places to escape to. He is fascinated with their tails and how they jump on things. I guess they will give him many ideas for playtime.
Well nothing else new here..hope you all are enjoying your Spring-time.