Monday, May 9, 2011


Thanks for your patience with me.. I heard you was wayyy past time....

 I have so much on my plate my blogging time has really suffered. I miss it so much. I went from blogging every day to several times a week, to once in a while.. that really is just not me. I have so much in my head  running around that I want to say. What's happening isn't the easiest to hear, it's the same old thing. Losing mom was harder than on me than when I lost my dad.The whole having to deal with the estate and what to do with things and moving. I am juggling about 5 things all at once and it is certainly overwhelming.  I find time to just get away and not think about stuff and make myself enjoy some down time when I can, but it sure doesn't happen as often as I would like it to. Writing always helped me out with any problem I had..journaling has been private thoughts for awhile and that is why you haven't seen me here. I assure you I have been keeping track of things though. have been a lifesaver, as the old desktop is packed away..the storage has been a challenge..trying to get things not to topple as it is piled in there over my head. Trying to put your whole lifetime in a 10x10 storage has been scary. It makes you really look at things a new way and know what is the most important to you.

I had the best friend in the world come and help me pack up stuff and move things and she  was such a joy and help to me. She knew just what to say and was there when I needed support and that was so important, especially this holiday weekend. What in the world would we do without our friends? I have had such encouragement from all mine in person and here in my blog family. I appreciate that so very much, you will never know.

YES I still have been taking pictures,
 almost daily of things, don't think I will ever stop that. On my travels I captured this tree that obviously had been was quite the site to see..two colors and types of tree in one.
Well, that's about it from here.. same old same old.. packing and re packing and moving on to what will be..whatever that is, is what GOD wants it to be. I may not be ready for it, but will be confident that it is supposed to be that way.
Until next time...Hope you all have a wonderful SPRING!!