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Sunday, August 15, 2010


DEFINITION CRAVINGS.." An intense desire for some particular thing."

We all have them from time to time. Smoking , drinking,
sweets, drugs, eating.. you name it we have them. What makes it hard is how to kick the habit or the pull they have on us. Walking into a bakery or even by one will set me off big time.The smell of Fresh Bread is one of my biggest craves.. I can hardly resist a piece of hot steamy, soft, fresh baked bread. Loaves or rolls.. they both will make me crave them.I love to bake but haven't done that in awhile. If you can't eat it .. don't bake it is my motto now. I do bake and take a bite and give the rest away especially at Christmas time. Every once in a while I will get the craving for a certain candy or fruit I haven't had in a long time. I usually just get it and then the craving goes away. Not so easy with some things though.

Back in the 60's and 70's I could not function without my daily caffeine rush. I craved Pepsi and still prefer it to this day. I don't drink it unless it is diet and caffeine free though.I tried to cut back as soda is just not good for you. ( yeah I still drink it now and then.) It wasn't easy and I did it gradually, but I got used to NOT having the headaches and shakes from the caffeine and I liked
it. Doctor's then told me that a little caffeine was good for my asthma. GOOD?I couldn't believe it. Oh yes.. people could drink a cup of coffee and it help their breathing. Well, so glad I didn't like the taste of coffee.( Yes, I blogged before about how I love the smell of the coffee..but don't like the taste.)

It is true that what we can't or are not suppose to have will make us crave it more. What got me to thinking about this topic was I had a craving for salty foods. Mom can't have salt, very little of it, so we don't have it here in the house. I was craving Potatoe chips. Something I hadn't had in a long time. It had been so long. I bought the smallest snack bag I could find and ate the whole thing. The craving ended right there, so I know now that if I deprive myself of something it will just make me crazy until I break it and get it out of my system.

DO YOU HAVE PARTICULAR CRAVINGS? How do or did you get rid of yours?