Friday, June 25, 2010


DEFINITION.. A contemptible child or mucus from ones nose. Okay then.. well
we know what it is. WHY is there so much of it?? I mean is my head completely
empty and there are so many vacant spots in there that the stuff just multiplies

by the minute? Does some gremlin come in the night and place some kind of spell on me while I sleep so that the next day there is more of the stuff? While I have blown my nose for a week now..something must be going on. It can't just keep materilizing, or can it? I must read up because the colors coming from my head and sinus cavities are so varied. One day it looks like I snorted milk through my nose and the next it turns to a nice mellow yellow. Yeah I know that color means some kind of infection. How long can an infection last? Apparently, a long time even with medications. All I know is I have seen more than my share this week, andI won't bore you with what color is coming up from my nether lung areas. THAT might just scare ya!! AHHH the spring-summer cold it is a vicious animal.