Thursday, January 31, 2013


HELL HOUSE ..that's what I used to call the house next door to us where I used to live. What with drug dealers and critters living in it after it was abandoned there was plenty of reason to call it that. The whole neighborhood was on a rampage to have the house torn down or remodeled. While I  still lived there some nice folks bought it and re-modeled it and moved in. The neighborhood was saved passed away and we had to give up the old house. It took me months to clean it out and leave that old place. It had been in our family 60 plus years. 

NOW there is another HELL's OUR old house. The house sat until someone finally bought it for a very reduced price. Neighbors were happy UNTIL....they found out that our house was being used for a loud rock band to play in the garage and the people who bought it were not so very nice. Our old house needed a new roof and many repairs.  The roof was repaired, but a whole lot of the house was left to go unattended. Neighbors called the police numerous times over the noise and had lots of run-ins over this and that. This is how the house looks now..quite the difference
They took out the bushes in the front and trimmed the old pine tree up, tore up the backyard and park cars in it and the yard. New owners are entitled to do as they please I tell everyone who tells me things. It's THEIR house now.  It's sad that the place has to be a problem for others though. I tell them things could be worse at least it is occupied. Life goes on, but inside that old house the spirit of my parents and all the hard work they put into it still lingers. The floors still creak and the doors open and shut on their own, lights flicker and noises are heard once in awhile. I hope the new owner is used to them by now.