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Saturday, January 28, 2012


OH I've been dealing with allergies and how to NOT sneeze, not blow and not wheeze because of this here critter.. her name is least that is what the Vet report said when she got (fixed) this past summer.
This is my sister's cat, I am temporarily staying with her for awhile.
I always thought the name was spelled MiMi. No matter the spelling she comes when called.

 I found out that some of the newer medicines and pills on the market are NOT for me.
So I am back to taking the old fashion Benedryl only in liquid form so I can manage thedosage. Having asthma all my life, I pretty much stay away from what things I am allergic to and trigger attacks. Right now I don't have that luxury, so I am dealing with new territory here. Some days are pretty good and others I am pretty fuzzy. Sis Carole is right though, when taking a close up picture of a cat or dog it is a very tricky thing..(eyes-wise) especially if you don't have the fancy lenses etc. They have no idea what is going on except.."LET'S PLAY!"
This cat is about a year old so it is still in the exploring stage and loves to run through the house and search out things. She will be a very good watchful kitty for those critters that might find themselves in her path. I have been, and always will be a DOG person. It's just me..the way I am, so dealing with MEME has been a real challenge.
I am taking it one day at a time and working around it. Who knows, maybe I will get used to her..or... maybe not.. We will see...
Until later..hope this finds you all staying well and warm this winter season.