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Saturday, June 18, 2011


So I am minding my own business, when Sis drops by and she has this new fangled  "THINGaMaGig" on the dashboard of her car. It waves itself up and down and bobs to and fro and I instantly smile. How cute that is and boy the guy who invented it must have made a fortune on it. It is so hard to resist. She goes on to tell me they can't keep them on the shelves where she works and they come in all kinds of colors and have neat sayings on them. NOW I am intrigued. What do they say, cost, and how do they work???   Maybe you have seen them already. We are a small town..seems we get things way after everyone else. These little things are a real eye catcher because they MOVE.  The leaves bounce up and down and the flower bobs ever so slightly.
            So it works on solar power, no batteries and only when it is in the sun. If you are of the generation that I am, that saying and that smiley face is a neat memory for you. Some of the other sayings..well I heard that they are not so, shall we say, nice!! LOL.. not repeating them here. Look for these things in your area in convenience stores and gas stations and maybe even dollar stores. They will put a smile on your face or make you laugh one. This one is mine and it keeps me company on my dashboard. WISH I HAD INVENTED IT!!!!  Retails here for a whopping $3.99  No..I didn't buy mine it was a present.