Friday, July 1, 2011


It's a bittersweet holiday here,we had hoped that Mom would be with us to await the birth of her third great grandchild. My niece is due any time now with her first child, so we are playing the waiting game. Mom was just so adamant that my niece would have twins, a boy and a girl. She may have been talking out of her head, but she said it in such a way, that we just believed her. She even made us promise not to tell her because it was a big secret. Well after 6 sonograms, it is definitely NOT twins! Only one baby in there and I will leave the gender as a surprise later on. I know my niece is more than ready for this to be over. Summertime is  hard time, but I think winter is worse. Traveling in the snow is not my favorite thing at all. We will be traveling when the time comes. I just hope it is not in the middle of the night.

No real plans for the holiday here. The town has a fireworks celebration that is awesome to view from inside your vehicle. Near and over looking the local river, one has to be really ready to fight off those large mosquitos that could practically take you away. Think I will view from afar. We might have rain but we certainly will have heat..90's and more. It truly is summertime now!