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Friday, August 31, 2012


Calmly going about my task of cleaning the bathroom, something we all hate to do from time to time, I climbed in with cleaners at hand. I shoved the shaky glass door over and got a scary feeling all at the same time. TOO LATE! The door came off the runner and WHAM I was stuck. No way I could crawl over the top. I tried the other door and push and pried it as much as I could. NOTHING..absolutely NOT BUDGING. AT. ALL. Well this is a fine thing!! I can't clean, the fumes would take me over, I can't call for one would hear but the CAT. What to do?? I can sit and wait. WHAT??? Sis would not be home for hours. Kept trying to pry the darn door open. Not wanting to break the glass..I went about trying to just get ONE inch open so that my hand could loosen it up. NOPE not working. Didn't help my poor hand either. All the knuckles are scraped now. So what to do?? My biggest nightmare come true.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? I just had nothing I could even break the glass with if I wanted to. 

You guessed it.. I sat and waited..tried on and off to get it open but finally gave up. I didn't want to steam up the bathroom or I would have taken a shower. TWO HOURS later..Sis comes home from work wondering who is yelling and what the heck has happened. SHE laughs and laughs thinking it is soooo funny.( Not if it was her she wouldn't.) She easily pops the door back on the runner from her side and it took her like 3 minutes to do it. She says to me, "OH did you clean the tub??" I wanted to smack her!! I wanted to, but I didn't.
THAT'S why I love shower can replace them easy, they are colorful and modern and they NEVER keep you hostage in the shower!!  It did occur to me later that this IS LABOR DAY weekend. Weird and sometimes scary things happen on that weekend, they have for years, at least for me they have.  I decided that from now on I will keep that door open enough so I can at least escape just in case it happens again. My luck it just might too!!