Saturday, October 16, 2010


Quick update here on a new group made at Facebook.. if you are a member there and were on Windows Live Spaces you might be interested in this group. We are keeping track of everyone's NEW blog addresses there so everyone can find each other. The group is private and so you are invited by your E MAIL address. I added as many as I could there. We have nearly 50 people added. If you received an invite on your Facebook page or in your mail box from SPACE FRIENDS that is the group I am talking about. They have a PRIVATE chat there where we all can chat with each other regardless of the time zone etc. ALL you need is to ACCEPT the invite and join in. The chat last night lasted until 2 AM and we had a great time. If you do not have a FACEBOOK account or prefer NOT to join that is up to you. YOU MUST BE a member of Facebook though to join this group. BIG THANKS to SHERRY of BURRWOOD for making this group up.. we are growing by the hour..

HOPE YOU ALL WILL JOIN IN THE FUN>> if you need more info contact my e mail address or visit my FACEBOOK page..