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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


While moving and such last week I found myself in need of a snack so off to the store I went. I came across this stuff in a weird package. Low and behold it was on sale and I thought ..why not?? So I tried it. Just so happened that when I was trying it out, the manager of the storage park came by and saw me sucking it out of the package.
Embarrassed me to no end, but hey,.. I told him it was tasty! There was nothing in the package but applesauce and cinnamon. The cinnamon cut my craving for lunch, and I got right back to work. I wouldn't recommend this to small children, because of the screw on lid, but NOW I can see why the kids like those yogurts in a tube. Tasty and no spoons etc.

 My next venture into the store led me to the aisle where I could purchase those frozen delights in a bag..YEP.. took those outside to keep cool in the heatwave days we have been having too. I think I have been sent back to my childhood this summer by just the heat and the need to stay chilled. NO, no one saw me eating those pops, but if they had I probably would have offered them one too!!


Monday, July 11, 2011


Imagine my surprise when I went to take out the trash. I came around the corner and saw this "creature" hanging out of the top of the bin. YIKES.. I was glad it was not dark out or I think I would have yelled! I ran back inside to get the camera as the shot was just so funny.  Now why in the world would someone throw out a perfectly good pool toy that still held air?? Well upon lifting the lid I saw that  the other end of said "creature" was missing it's tail. Seems "creature" got into a fight with a mean little dog and well, the rest is history!!
                                                                               It's been quite hot around here and yesterday the local swimming park was sure full of eager kids ready to get cooled off.It used to be an ice skating rink but now it was re-made into and pond or swimming hole for the enjoyment of the community. They even added a beach area. There are plenty of trees for shade too. Locals are wondering why this wasn't done years before? Winters have not been near cold enough here, long enough, to use it as a skating rink. The ice never got thick enough. Kids sure are happy it is here now, because this summer sure has been a scorcher so far.  
I hear the rumble of thunder again..storms are not far behind. Hope you all have a great day today!!! STAY COOL!!