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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Very old stove (sold right away)
This stove was very used in several workshops and hunters cabins. It went to a fine home where someone could admire and maybe even use it.  

70's Banana seat bike (sold)
It's the end of September already. Boy time is flying right into winter. All those tasks we have to do to get ready for it have to be done. One was have a sale and get rid of some of the stuff I had in storage I went to some friends house and we put on a sale. Long days of setting up things and putting on prices..but it got done. The weather, however only co-operated a little. So we sold as much as we could the first day and what was left is going slowly due to rain and cold.The tarps covered the many parts and supplies we had on tables that were covered due to the rain.

Many antiques went very fast, mostly to a lucky person who got there ahead of others.
Most of the items were MAN RELATED tools and sports goods. No wonder we had such a large turn out. These old skillets were really nice in their day..he took them back in the shop and buffed the rust off and all of them sold right away. It was just a little effort to make a great sale item for someone. 
 I think if the rain and wind had not happened we would have sold out everything, as it was some people hate the miserable weather to shop in. Can't blame them a bit!
Old deer camp stove that ran on wood and propane..
lookers takers.