Thursday, December 8, 2011


Blogger has had this feature on the top of it's page for as long as I can remember. I never had time to bother clicking it though. WHAT a surprise I got. I clicked it over and over last night traveling throughout the world to other people's blogs. RANDOM blogs of all kinds. I found the number one thing was that people are NOT blogging like they used to. Some had not been updated since 2009. Some only had ONE entry, some were about families and some were only about photos. Some were about the universe, politics or crafts and cooking.  I liked this kind of BLOG surfing, just to see "what's out there." Sad though that not many kept up the good writing, poems and thoughts that they should have. LIFE got in the way. I understand that all too well. We just don't take the time we used to to talk to one another using the blog format like we did in the past.
Photo courtesy of this blog

 Facebook has kind of taken away a whole lot of that. It is a quicker way to keep up. I think that helped the downfall of blogs.  I ran across some nice blogs that are pretty interesting. I wish that some of them had the translator embedded in them also. Some you have to look at the photos and figure out what it is all about.
Here is the link to one from Hungary that clearly is creative and the work is very nice.
Not sure what this country is.. but the jewelry they make  is really nice HERE too..

I haven't run across one person that I know by hitting the NEXT BLOG button. There are thousands and thousands of blogs out there and the chances are pretty slim.
IF I DID I sure would be surprised. There is one I miss though most. It's HERE and well worth reading again..  When you get a minute try NEXT might just be surprised like I was and when you comment they might visit you and check your blog out too.