Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I sit here wondering what to do with a current situation I am dealing with. It's summer it seems here in my little apartment. Hot Hot..with the morning sun blazing through the large patio doors.I placed my mother's crystal angels on the door and watched the sun make dancing rainbows all over my living room wall. I love seeing it but boy is it HOT with the sun coming in. So I chose the cool and  closed the blinds and the drapes and shut out the light. Seems one of my windows in the bedroom was broken when I moved in last year and I had no idea that it had LOST the seal. It was a thermal pane window and I didn't know much about those. So this year, new manager it had to be replaced. They measured it and ordered another one but still has not been delivered. My dilemma was that window is the one and only one my air conditioner sits in. So NO air conditioning right now. I admit several times I sat the thing on the window sill let it run to try to cool off at least one room. It sort of worked. You just can't put it in and out. It is a slider window and you have to put a plexiglass panel at the top of it. THERE are RULES here now. I got notice that now the maintenance will put it in for you for $150!! Are you kidding?? That was my first thought. It takes all of 30 minutes if you KNOW what you are doing. The guy here does. So the new management says you can put it in yourself or have someone else do it, but be aware in the fall you will have to TAKE IT OUT. Well, that was like someone dropped an atomic bomb here. People have lived here 15 -20 years and NEVER took them out. So there is a major revolt here in the complex. Twenty four apartments and all the tenants are upset. Would be so much easier if the windows were not sliders. Darn!
Austrian crystal angels and one BEE!
Magic rainbows!

To find someone to put the AC unit in and out each season will take some doing. I will learn how to do it myself..I just need a few lessons I think.
When there is a problem you solve it, that is what I was taught to do. What if you are unable to do it somehow? Wondering what the consequences are if you do not remove it from your window at the end of the season? Guess we all will find out when the new "memo" comes out in the fall.  At least I am on the ground floor, that's a big relief to me, if it falls out it won't have far to go! ;-)