Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I can't believe it's been seventeen days already.. time is passing. Some days slowly and some days I feel very stressed out.. guess you could call it "withdrawal" pains. Keeping in touch with what's "going on" in the blogging world or the Facebook family is very much missed. 

Making it day by day with the lack of connections and the overwhelming heat that is hitting us all this summer. I retreated the library as fast as they opened as did many other people. The heat index today well into 100+ so anyplace that is cool is a good place to be. This past weekend I ventured up north  to attend a birthday party for my niece's 2 year old. Nice to drive up and see the sights again. You never know how large those wind turbines are until you are almost beside them. ONE word..HUGE!
They rise at least 330 feet in the air and the blades are over 200 feet long. There was a huge "farm" of them all over the country-side. 

A boy and his wagon, taking his tractor for a ride. I do remember the days when I got my first wagon. It wasn't as fancy as a Radio Flyer but we did have it most of our entire childhood. A metal Radio Flyer wagon, we found out, is harder to find these days and soon may come obsolete to the more plastic ones. In buying certain models you have to order them, no matter what store you are in. They are only available on line orders. There was a time when a simple wagon like that could be found in any store. Sad sign of the times I guess. Well  until next time I sure hope you all can

Monday, July 8, 2013


If ANYONE ever asks me again.. "Are you addicted to the Internet?" I will gladly tell them YES I AM!! The past 8 days seem like 8 weeks. I have gotten through every day and found myself so bored it isn't funny. I find I read more news on line than I thought I did. I look up more information and challenge myself more than I thought I would. NOT getting to do these things really makes an impact on your whole lifestyle. 
Lilies finally bloomed late this year..we had so many
but they were much smaller than usual. Talk about

Well I  even though I do get to update my computer maybe once a is not nearly enough. The first day was the hardest. Get into a routine and like breaking any habit it is tricky. I must have picked up my laptop at least 5 times before really realizing, nope you can't use this. Convince yourself that the Internet does NOT exist.. well this worked for several days so far. Counting the days down.. things will get better.. I can only hope.. anyone with any suggestions.. I will take all the help I can get. It really is hard losing touch with those out there in the "internet world". 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Posting here in case I am gone for quite awhile. I have had wonderful free wifi connections for over a year now and am very grateful for them. This connection is temporarily out for the month of July ,so just thought I would let blog readers know. I am without transportation and only occasionally get to a free wifi spot here in town.