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Friday, October 1, 2010


Glad that I was able to get the feed working so now many of you can get my updates here . I know many people don't care for the Wordpress set up and how things went with WLS but I have to give them credit for getting so many spaces over to them with all the content intact. AMAZING what technology can do. I would never have clicked that button in a million years if I had not had SO MANY other spaces that I could experiment on. Yep, like BethMarie, I had at least 5 so I could use any one and do a trial run. I moved my recipes and my spacewalk space over to wordpress too. REMEMBER that is a review of the finest bunch of people on the planet. The links should lead to their new homes and if they don't  I personally will FIX it!  What was I to do.. lose all that or copy it and just enjoy for myself? No way!! So I will also be GLAD if the feeds work for those sites too.

SO for those of you catching up here....(sorry guys).. I had a fiasco with a purse recently. I wrote about how horrible it is to get one covered in liquid makeup. YIKES! Anyway I went on a hunt for a new purse in a hurry. Didn't think I would find one I liked either. The one I found was on sale and  neat though because it had a place for my cell phone and a  pocket that I now love because it fit my camera perfectly.
That unzipped pocket is just the right size. It is padded enough to keep it safe too. It is smaller than I would have liked but is working out swell so far. I have another purse I love to use that is leather but maybe later in the winter months. So, I am GLAD that I found something I could really use when I really needed it, and a bargain at that!  How often does that least for me it doesn't. Must have been my lucky day! Glad, glad, glad...
On to other topics.. hope to get some pics tomorrow of the harvest festival in town. The weather will be downright cold as FROST is predicted. I was hoping it would be warmer, but maybe it will be sunny anyway. ..


Friday, September 17, 2010


If I truly could, I would show you the mess.. it was unbelievable and never have I had such a one in all the days of my life. I have carried a purse or handbag of all kinds since I was a young girl of about 12. What happened you ask? Well ever carry a bottle of liquid makeup in your purse? (Ughhhh don't remind me.)
It was the second or third season I carried that bag, and in my rush to get mom out the door and to her treatment, I threw things into the bag that I would need later on. IMAGINE my shock when I unzipped the purse and, as they say,LORDIE PETE.. I almost lost it! There was makeup on my credit card holder and my wallet change purse, sunglasses, keys, you name it! WHAT A MESS!!!!

I could not bring myself to take a picture of that whole nightmare. I was grateful that my camera was NOT in my bag. So off today and more this weekend in search of a new bag for the winter. The summer one is KAPUT.. I want it out of my sight!
The old winter bag I carried.. well MOM took charge of it and it is now hers. She
decided it was better than hers. More fun for me.. finding a new one!! I am off now to start my quest.. and NO I LEARNED MY LESSON..... NEVER EVER
put a bottle of LIQUID makeup in your bag.. it just isn't worth it!!!
P.S. No..Sis... it wasn't my neat Tiganello mom took over.. no way she gonna get that one!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


It never came to mind until I saw Dr. Oz talking about how women had back and shoulder problems due to their PURSE or handbags. Yeah.. those bags have gotten
heavier and larger the past few years. Some look like tote bags and or suitcases.
At the treatment center where mom goes they have a scale in the floor and weigh
every patient as they come in and out of the building. It is accurate to the kilogram. I decided to weigh my current purse and see if I was "over the limit".
What is the limit?.. According to him and his research 14 lbs! FOURTEEN pounds!
I hope to NEVER have one weigh that much. So I weighed my purse and it came
out to 6.5 pounds. I was thrilled. I started thinking about how much MORE I could
take out and make it weigh a lot less. A summer purse of mine weighs a lot less than the winter one made of leather. Why not trim the junk NOW and get it over with. I have had shoulder and back trouble for years and KNOW it is bad for you to carry too much. Bags that have zippers on the front have more pockets to carry more stuff. Just makes it harder to drag it around. I don't mind one small one
but all over it NO.. So I passed my test with flying colors.. mine won't break
my back or give me troubles.. Hope if you carry a purse or bag this will help
remind you to try and beat the limit!!
(P.S. this purse is now gone due to an unfortunate incident!)