Saturday, June 4, 2011


Thought I should at least update once a month when I get time.. I truly miss my blogging time a lot. Journaling time has been cut too and that is just not good for me
as I tend to forget a whole lot these days with so much going on.  Here is the picture of the house we used to own. NOW that I don't LIVE there any more I can finally show you it and all it's glory.  Three floors including the basement! Sixty years of STUFF! 
It is finally empty! Took a lot of time to do and lots of sweat and black and blue spots to prove it. Looks a lot better from a distance but I assure you up close you would see
all it's problems. To the side is a large double driveway in dire need of sealcoating and a two car garage. YES, it was full of STUFF too. NO, I didn't call it junk, because it had some very useful things in it.  Imagine trying to get all that stuff into a small house or apt.. no way!! So many sales and donating had to occur to help out. Don't ask me where things are right now.. I have NO IDEA.. put all urgent stuff in a shoe box and pray I don't lose it. 
I find myself very tired these days and want to sleep a lot. WONDER WHY??? I think it will take weeks to be able to walk through my small apt and not stumble upon some thing that is in my path. This too shall pass, they say, and sometime soon I will feel settled in a new place.. can't come fast enough for me!!