Tuesday, February 19, 2013


 I came across a
box I had stored all my many journals in recently. I have mentioned here before
that I have kept them since 1976. I found that one book was missing and was
heart broken, it led me into a panic trying to find it. A whole day later 
I remembered that that particular one had vanished in a move from Ca.
to Michigan. Number Two chapter started in 1979!!
In opening the second chapter,
I notice that my handwriting was pretty good. Better than it is now. I type so
much now that my actual handwriting has really suffered a lot.I was taking tests at college and going on interviews and at a loss for what direction to take. Wondering if I should make a move back to Michigan. "Looking for work is harder than working" I wrote, so true even more today.

There really are 28 chapters..28 is not yet finished) probably never will be as
I have taken to putting everything on computer now. The way of the handwritten journal is fading for me at least. I blog and keep track of things that way, and only write in the journals really significant things that happen in my life. 
In one chapter I wrote...

"Little did I know that because I WASN’T working, I would be able to make
a trip to Santa Barbara where SUE lived. Friends from  my hometown came by on
their vacation and offered me a ride there with them. I literally had
minutes to throw a suitcase together and be on my way. I had no idea
what would happen, but I knew it would be an adventure! I always
am up for one of those because you haven’t planned and don’t know
how they will go."
 I spent 12 days in Santa Barbara according to this chapter.
“It was never my intention to stay more than a week. So much had happened
and so much was packed into those days that they really just flew by.”
The memories of those warm summer days and
the sneezing from the kitten that SUE had then, will always be with
me. Cool foggy mornings near the Pacific were so strange compared
to the valley where I had been staying. The larger city and the
whole culture shock of a seaside town was so different than
anything I had ever experienced.

Ours is not to question why things happen the way they do. I was there for a
reason that I just did not know about. If you believe in fate at all,
it sure came to pass in those 12 days. On my way home on the bus I had
plenty of time to think about how my life was going to go on from there.
Job opportunities were there in Santa Barbara, but back then hard to find
something in such a short timespan. Less than a month later I was
winging my way back to Michigan for a visit, and developed Bronchitis
two days after getting there.. a few days later it went to full blown
pneumonia. Why the heck did I leave Ca. so fast kept
running through my mind?  
More later....