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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Wow two posts in a week..I must be dreaming!!. Back in the old days I could blog every single day. There must have been a ton of things to talk about. Not much these days. I sit here trying to keep warm in the frigid temps we have been having. I noticed this morning that all the frost we have had comes in different patterns each day. This morning I saw this one and it looked like little stars..Can't wait to see what is up for tomorrow morning now..


Do any of you remember these things..  it sort of looked like this only it didn't have the hood. Anyway, I found one hanging in the closet the other day. It was made of fleece and looked cozy. Thank God it was one size fits all. It must have been hanging in there for at least 15 years!!! I washed it and dried it and put it on as soon as I could. BOY is it warm!! I loved it! Sis asked me.."Did you shovel snow in that?".. I snorted, "NO..but now I wish I had." It was below zero out and that thing would have been perfect. It doesn't look as snazzy as the one pictured here. I think I will look into one though as inside the house is pretty cold too right now. Sitting watching tv or whatever it really is a handy thing to have. Next question.. IS ONE ENOUGH??  LOL I have used those snuggie things. I have tried several things but this one is really nice. ONLY ONE draw back..  with mine you have to unzip and completely get out of  it to go to the bathroom, is that ever hard in a hurry.. Ackkk...  

WELL enough of my thoughts on that.. Hope you all have a great weekend...