Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oh how I hate to go by our old home place. It is painful. I know I shouldn't do it but something just tugs at me to go there.

Mom always said "you will miss this old place someday" I told her maybe not. Now I do. Not having much of a place of my own these days I surely do miss the order and the freedom to do things like have a garden or the space we had there. It
was painful to know that the BANK which took over the house did NOT clean it out well for the new occupants.The new owner had to get the dumpster and clean it out himself. If we had only known we could have done a better job of ridding the place of stuff we could not take with us. Anyway.. here is how it looked last year....when the new owner started. He removed all the bushes in front, this was before he put on a new roof. It needed one badly. He chose brown.

Now he scraped it this year and took off the railings and placed rocks in front where the bushes are. We get a report every so often as he changes things there. We had a whole lot of calls when the new color was started. When you have a home in a neighborhood that is the same color for 60 years it was kind of a shock to them. I just say they are making it their own place. I think the surprise was the color they chose and how they go together. It is 40 ft to the top of that roof so you start where you can paint standing on the ground etc. I tell people maybe they are just trying colors out to see if they like them. There are at least 4 layers of oil based, lead paint on that house.. YES LEAD based paint. You can see the dark spots bleed through our old white paint. In order to stop that you have to remove the old paint. Well.... that is very hard and expensive to do. I sure could tell the owner some things but I won't. The neighbors won't either. They will just wait and see. Most people know it is very hard to paint with a latex paint over the top of oil base though.. it tends to peel off really fast. 
The latest news from the neighborhood is that the owner's wife is now pregnant and would like to move to a city where her relatives live and that has a HOSPITAL..we don't anymore. The saga continues... I sure hope they don't leave the house partially painted before the move on if they do.  Neighbors laugh and say they would have a paint party and put it back white all over. That really is just a dream though, it's really difficult and expensive to do. Well that is the latest update on THAT OLD HOUSE...will keep you up to date as things develop.