Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oprah.. that's NOT NEW.. but her last season on public television is. She is determined to have so much entertainment and so many new things to send off her last year. 
Reviewing people she met and topics that she covered over the years is proving to be interesting to the viewer. Today her show was dedicated to the movie Sound of Music. All cast members were present and hearing their stories and memories of making the movie was enjoyable.
Tomorrow she and her best friend Gayle will be making a road trip to Yosemite to go camping. If you saw any of her road trip across the USA you will really like this series of shows. I cannot wait as it was really eye-opening the last time. Oprah had no idea how to put gas in a car or what the inside of a motel or convenience store looked like. Checking into a room in any town along the way HAD to have the right linens and pillows, and when they didn't she stopped into a store and bought all brand new for her next nights stay. So you can bet the equipment she will get will probably be the BEST there is to buy. Not all people can afford this kind of camping. Too bad she didn't use things that others could afford to use as an example. Regardless of her accommodations, I will be watching Gayle and Oprah inside a tent , treading water in a river and fishing, putting up a tent and making a fire. It has me chuckling thinking about it.
                                                (photo by google images)
WHAT started this whole thing in the first place?? WHY camping?
It was to bring to attention of all black families that they need to check out our national parks and go camping. Someone, not sure who, told her that not enough black families went camping in this country. Wonder if this will influence anyone in the future? If they see what fun she has, it might work. I do NOT have the extra cable channels, and  will miss seeing Oprah in the future. I guess I will just have to catch up with things over the web site. It won't be the same as sitting and watching with Mom and Sis and discussing the whole program as it is going on. I will miss those moments. I am looking forward to the whole month of November as it will reveal a lot of Oprah's favorite things and interesting interviews and topics. I think in 25 years she truly has changed the way America and the world thinks about things. She talks about an AH HAH moment on some of her shows. A moment in your life where the light bulb went off and you it just changed your way of thinking or living. I heard Oprah talk about how she journaled every day and I had done the same thing in my life. Oprah changed the way I did my journaling. To try and find the positive thoughts in every day and not dwell on the negative. I decided to try that out. Sometimes I back slide but mostly I try to stick with it.

THANKS OPRAH.. for the Americans who can't type or use a computer or have access to your website.. we appreciate what you have done for us all.