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Sunday, November 12, 2017


I make a habit of trying to take at least one photo of the first snowfall of any season. Don't really care how much just get the shot. WELL after getting up early the other day I got one. Some say it was heavy frost, but NO, we did have flurries. We have had such a weird fall with  late leaves turning. Makes me wonder how long the winter will last. It's too long as it is. Funny thing the city is picking up leaves and most of them are still on the trees. Guess it will be a very late pick up season for them.
Course the afternoon sun melted it all away and the trees began to lose their leaves. We had 18 degrees for two nights and it felt like January instead of November. This roller coaster of temps is crazy. Lots of folks coming down with colds and flu. 
I got the flu shot but still need to get a pneumonia one. Been putting that one off, but after last winter.. oh I am getting one.  Sis got one and they told her she might have to have a booster next year. WHAT?  I have never heard of getting a booster for a pneumonia shot. Most doctors say one shot lasts 4 or 5 years. WEIRD?

Been on a vacation from upstairs neighbors for about three weeks. It was great. New tenant moved in with a small little dog after the first though. Hardly know they are up there and that is just fine with me after the last 4 I have had above me. Maybe I will get to keep this guy for awhile. Most move out before their year lease is up. It gets very hot up there in the summertime. I hear  their AC running all the time. We get NO shade at all so the summer sun full blasts through the windows..very hot. 

Lily (niece's child) is now 6 months old. Such a cutie..she is not quite sitting up my herself but it will be very soon. Her brother likes to push her around the house with her sitting in a laundry basket. She loves it. Speaking of brother..He is now  in the cub scouts and won first place in a gutter regatta. You make a little boat and sail it down a gutter filled with water. First one to the end wins..  Good Job THEO..

           Well I am going to wrap this up for now.. Hope you all have a wonderful week and a 

Monday, November 28, 2011


Updating here as winter rears it's head a little bit and says hello..I'm back..
Just a dusting, less than an inch and melted right away as the sun came out. I love that. Kinda like a preview of coming attractions. I have been through some rough Thanksgiving holidays before where we could not even get out of our driveway so this was just nothing but pretty. I am trying to keep up in the blogosphere with both of my blogs. Had some trouble with the wordpress one posting to Facebook. They finally sent me a message telling me it was a Facebook problem not a Wordpress one. I seem to like Blogger a whole lot more now that it has not had the difficulty that Wordpress has. I am not cancelling it though as there is over 5 years worth of entries there.

I have been really busy here trying to get things in some kind of order so I can put my hands on things when I need it. Since the many moves I have made in the last 6 months things are just so hard to track down. I  think a full inventory is called for, just haven't gotten around to it. I'm no Martha Stewart who labels things and has a place for everything, but sometimes I wish I did. Did turn up some items I thought were totally lost though and that gave me some joy over the Thanksgiving break. These were mom's she bought them in a dollar store awhile back.. I liked them and put them in storage, I thought.  Guess not.. they ended up on my table for myThanksgiving dinner. 
Guess I better keep track of them from now on! ;-) 

Hope you all have a great week!!