Sunday, September 26, 2010


I decided that not many visit here so I will not worry about what I post here. The future is very uncertain for us here and I am not sure how much time I will be able to spend
on line or keep up with things. More important things are ahead of us. Winter is coming faster than we want it to. I dread it. I do not have the energy to keep this old house up anymore. I want to move to another place closer to mom's treatment center but convincing her to leave is proving impossible. In her present state of mind she
only wants to stay in her house for the rest of her life.  Last winter she was taken to treatment in a nice van because she was in the rehab center. This year, being at home, it won't be as easy. It will be very hard on us both. I just don't think she realizes it. I have tried having other people talk to her about what we need to do, but it hasn't worked so far. so it will be a long autumn season. In a perfect world we could stay home and live here and she would happy, but with our monetary status we just cannot do that. When things begin to will be like a light snowfall becoming a raging blizzard.  

Friday, September 17, 2010


If I truly could, I would show you the mess.. it was unbelievable and never have I had such a one in all the days of my life. I have carried a purse or handbag of all kinds since I was a young girl of about 12. What happened you ask? Well ever carry a bottle of liquid makeup in your purse? (Ughhhh don't remind me.)
It was the second or third season I carried that bag, and in my rush to get mom out the door and to her treatment, I threw things into the bag that I would need later on. IMAGINE my shock when I unzipped the purse and, as they say,LORDIE PETE.. I almost lost it! There was makeup on my credit card holder and my wallet change purse, sunglasses, keys, you name it! WHAT A MESS!!!!

I could not bring myself to take a picture of that whole nightmare. I was grateful that my camera was NOT in my bag. So off today and more this weekend in search of a new bag for the winter. The summer one is KAPUT.. I want it out of my sight!
The old winter bag I carried.. well MOM took charge of it and it is now hers. She
decided it was better than hers. More fun for me.. finding a new one!! I am off now to start my quest.. and NO I LEARNED MY LESSON..... NEVER EVER
put a bottle of LIQUID makeup in your bag.. it just isn't worth it!!!
P.S. No..Sis... it wasn't my neat Tiganello mom took over.. no way she gonna get that one!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This time of year..we take baths at least once a day

if someone will give us the place and the water to do

that! It doesn't hurt if we have a snack after we bathe.

These grapes are just yummy and we have a great

time eating. The big leaves cover us and keep us cool.
Ahhh Fall it's a great time of year!

Friday, September 10, 2010


First we get a call to go to the treatment center at 8:00 A.m.... mom declined! I mean she can decline and go at her normal time and just not so early. We get into town and then the car started ( for lack of another word) bucking or jumping a little. Not severe, but enough to alarm a person. It has never done that before. When the check engine light came on.. I parked it right away. I seized an engine up once long ago by driving one anyway with the light on. So I call the AAAtow and call for a rental and all being done in two towns because you are NOT in your own city. UGhhhh I hate that.. never know who to trust..mechanic-wise.So we get that all straightened out and then the mechanic says to me.."well it will be Monday or Tuesday before we can get to it".. uhhhh OKAY.. since we have a RENTAL CAR we are paying for.. and they know it.. the guy gives me a look like.. WELL YOU HAVE A CAR ya know!! Talk about ticked off.

Someone is making bucks off us.. the AAA charged us 3.50 a mile extra for the miles into our town. YEP. mom's NOT got the
"PLUS" coverage. Cars get complicated I sure do know that.. but I sure hate when they break down out of town and when it is close to the weekend. So the guy on the phone from AAA says "well I can't send a tow out unless the person on the card gives the okay. WEll that is Mom's card and she is hooked up to a machine at the moment. NO exceptions he says.. Ughhh.. so I have to call the center and have the okay given..(between you and me).. the nurse at the center gave it.. not mom. They
didn't want her to get upset..which she would and there would go her blood pressure! Geeeez what we have to go through. Gotta say the tow truck arrived earlier than they said and it was all clean and nice and shiny and the guy did know what he was doing. Sometimes a tow guy knows about as much as I do about hooking them up. I have seen some whacked out things in my time. Enough to make you leery for sure. So Friday is not over yet.. DO rentals breakdown too? I sure hope NO COP stops me on my way any where, as there is NO paper in the car like a registration at all.. only a proof of insurance. WHERE is the proof? .. ahhhh it's with the receipt that my SIS got, not with me. The place of business is closed for the weekend so fat chance getting them on the phone for anything. DO I sound stressed.. yep.. I am at level 6 about now.. earlier it was 10!

If I was a drinking person I would be on my second beer by now.. will be so glad when the day is over and I can sleep through the weekend. This surely has been a rocky week.My back feels better so far, but I haven't lifted anything heavy , but the yard needs a mow. Don't want to even think about what that might feel like. Guess I will put that off for now. TGIF!!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Labor day instills all kinds of thoughts in us. Workers who labor and those we salute proudly. I almost always found myself working over labor day weekend. Rarely did I get a three day off unless it was a scheduled vacation. It was a good thing for me to be working because of the notorious "VIBES" I would get over this one particular weekend every single year. It seemed that something bad or serious or terrible or just plain tragic always happened then. I would alert everyone close to me to be cautious if the vibes were strong enough. One year we had a tornado come near us in my town. One year Princess Diana died, One year Steve Irwin died, One year my mother fell down a flight of stairs and broke her leg. One year there was a car accident involving one of my best friends who died.One year, right after labor day, we all experienced 9-11. It goes on and on, so I just can't help feeling a little bit freaked out about this holiday time of the year. NOW..I do everything I can to think of the positive things and keep my mind off the negative ones. I will get a phone call and they will ask "ARE YOU VIBING?"

and I will say.."NO not yet!" and hope that everything stays that way.