Sunday, December 17, 2017


As the years roll by.. the holiday takes on a new meaning to me. I am not a HUM BUG person, I just am not as JOLLY as I used to be. This year I am not baking my cookies and making fudge. So many cannot have the goodies any more or are making their own. I found that people could not have the treats and just did not want to tell me. Sooo I decided this year I would just stop doing it.  Sad I know, but better than wasting all the money and time and work doing all the baking etc. 

LIFE sure changed after leaving the old house and neighborhood and so I learned, I guess, to just adjust to another kind of lifestyle. In our apartment building we all exchange cards and that is about it. When I first moved here there was a Christmas party thrown on the second Saturday of December. The whole 24 apts were invited.
That stopped in 2015, people moved away who did the planning and paid for most of it. Even a potluck sort of thing was passed up. We don't have a community room for such a gathering here anyway, it is up to individuals to plan to use their own apts.

So life goes on, another holiday is almost past. I like shopping for bargains, but this year will wait til AFTER the holiday for the best deals. My best present to myself was
MY PILLOW... I got a great deal and got two and they are wonderful. I am hoping they help me sleep better. Well, hope wherever you are, you and yours have a wonderful 

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I make a habit of trying to take at least one photo of the first snowfall of any season. Don't really care how much just get the shot. WELL after getting up early the other day I got one. Some say it was heavy frost, but NO, we did have flurries. We have had such a weird fall with  late leaves turning. Makes me wonder how long the winter will last. It's too long as it is. Funny thing the city is picking up leaves and most of them are still on the trees. Guess it will be a very late pick up season for them.
Course the afternoon sun melted it all away and the trees began to lose their leaves. We had 18 degrees for two nights and it felt like January instead of November. This roller coaster of temps is crazy. Lots of folks coming down with colds and flu. 
I got the flu shot but still need to get a pneumonia one. Been putting that one off, but after last winter.. oh I am getting one.  Sis got one and they told her she might have to have a booster next year. WHAT?  I have never heard of getting a booster for a pneumonia shot. Most doctors say one shot lasts 4 or 5 years. WEIRD?

Been on a vacation from upstairs neighbors for about three weeks. It was great. New tenant moved in with a small little dog after the first though. Hardly know they are up there and that is just fine with me after the last 4 I have had above me. Maybe I will get to keep this guy for awhile. Most move out before their year lease is up. It gets very hot up there in the summertime. I hear  their AC running all the time. We get NO shade at all so the summer sun full blasts through the windows..very hot. 

Lily (niece's child) is now 6 months old. Such a cutie..she is not quite sitting up my herself but it will be very soon. Her brother likes to push her around the house with her sitting in a laundry basket. She loves it. Speaking of brother..He is now  in the cub scouts and won first place in a gutter regatta. You make a little boat and sail it down a gutter filled with water. First one to the end wins..  Good Job THEO..

           Well I am going to wrap this up for now.. Hope you all have a wonderful week and a 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


This year..very little color on the trees..We have been in a drought zone and so they are all yellow, brown and falling off the trees. Such a weird fall. Warm a few days then cool and then COLD..then back warm again.  Crazy. 
Wondering what the winter will be? Guess we will find out soon. I think our hot days are now over for the year.. bring on the winter. 

LILY MARIE is now 5 months old. She can roll over and is almost ready to sit up by herself. So cute to watch. I just love to watch babies grow at this age. How they discover the challenge of walking and talking, it is exciting. I have enjoyed my time seeing and helping her grow. 

Getting ready for fall and winter..heat was finally turned on here after a long wait from the tenants. Stink Bugs and boxelder bugs have invaded the place. Spraying and trying to keep them away, all part of fall around here. Nothing much phases them but SNOW..LOL .Been making over my closet , reorganizing and making room for all the summer stuff, and finding winter clothes etc. Baking more and eating dishes like casseroles means fall really has arrived.

                           ~~~HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL FALL~~

Thursday, August 31, 2017


I can never remember an AUGUST like this one. In all my years living here in Michigan it was always hot and humid the whole entire month. Something you could count on. Sometimes even in September it would be like that. This year the whole month has been below in hot days and some down right cool ones. There has been little rain here so there is very low humidity. Some trees here have brown leaves and some are trying to turn color so early. Very confusing. Really makes me wonder what our winter will be like. 

What to say?  I just see those reports and think of Katrina all over again. Hopefully our country has learned something from mistakes from the past and it will help in the recovery. Such a tragedy to see so many suffering. A nationwide telethon to raise money is being planned for SEPT 12 on all the major networks. Texas STRONG.. is a good word for it.. they are resilient and will rise up from all this. The nation is behind them all the way.

LOOK WHO IS 4 months old!!  She is not yet sitting up by herself but getting there.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


IT'S SO HARD... . I quit bread.. something I love.. I mean L O V E...WHY?It's not a gluten thing I  just don't need those carbs..I quit sandwiches, I quit cornbread with butter, toast, hamburgers, subs,

OH MYYYyyy it's tough... I mean it. I try to not think about it.. I mean HOT biscuits with butter or honey or gravy.. ACKkkkkk   I heard Oprah say.. I LOVE BREAD.. well I feel her pain. Especially when you don't have it any more. You think maybe I will sneak just a roll or just a slice.. NOooo that leads to my weakness..can't do it. I do have a few slices of bread in the freezer in case someone comes and wants a sandwich but NOPE not eating it. It has helped me for sure to cut this out. 
I avoid places where I can smell it baking.. Subway and that fresh bread smell at the grocery bakery. It's like a real killer... BINGE.. nope I have been happy not to do that.. SO FAR 
They do say though, if you cut one thing out of your diet you will crave something else.. 
Winter will come soon and then it will be 

Friday, June 23, 2017


WELL here it is JUNE already.. it has felt a lot like July. Humid, hot and rain too.
So many days indoors for me since that humidity is NOT my friend. Asthma sucks in the summertime you just cannot do what you want to. I am sure feeling my age and my limits this year more than usual. I have found some days hard to get around with a bum knee that is wreaking havoc with my mobility. Have had others helping me with some chores and thank GOD for canes and carts. One minute it is fine and the other..wham.. can't walk good at all. I try to do what I can while things are good. 

I have new tenants upstairs and AGAIN they work Nights sleep days and well walking around in the nighttime when they come home from work. Ohh... my best friend these days is my earplugs! They work too well according to my Sis who came by early one morning and could not roust me up. I was not expecting her soo I slept away! I told her to let me know next time. HA! A notice we are getting ANOTHER new manager here. WHAT? This will be my 5th one and I have only been here 3 years.What the heck? Does this happen everywhere? Maybe they are not getting paid enough for the job they are trying to take on. I have no idea. 
ANSWERS to inquiring minds who might want to know...
YES I am still living in the same place
YES I am still collecting shells and beach or coastal decor.
YES I am babysitting my niece's cute little girl. Only occasionally though..she will be two months old in July. My how time flies....

YES I still get updates on the old home place..OH MYyyy they did find the lead leeching out of the paint on the house and had to cover it with siding. We suspected that lead...never had money to do anything about it. ..The house was very pretty green and now it is dark gray.To the left is the big pine tree standing still and the HELL HOUSE is now GONE.. vacant land.
So at least it is getting a makeover from the roof to the siding.. it remains standing and that makes us happy. Family of four living there now. They are digging up the sidewalks and completely replacing them now. It has not been done since the 60's!

 Time moves on..sometimes fast and others at a snails pace. I find myself being grateful to be still here enjoying my life. Blessings to you all..


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Our family have anxiously awaited the birth of this little bundle of joy. She is a doll and reports are she has blue eyes. Neither parent has blue eyes but her grandmother and great grandmother both have, had them.

LILY MARIE was born on MAY 8th at 7:55 AM…she weighed 7lbs and 2 oz. She was born on my late mother’s birthday and that made several of us very happy. Mom would have been thrilled to have another girl in the family.

Big Brother Theo (almost 6) first time meeting his new sister. .”wow, are we taking her home?”He wanted to hold her right away but they told him he would have to wait. I think he will be a great big brother. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


In apartment 103 lived a nice elderly man named Horace. I literally bumped into him when I was moving into my apartment. My sister was unsure where to park as we unloaded, and carrying in many totes and boxes I propped the front door open. He was trying to leave as I was walking in. He was taller than me, (heck,everyone is taller than my 5 foot 1") and down went the boxes. He apologized and helped me take them inside my apt. He told me that there was NO private parking spots. First come first serve. He did warn me that some tenants had lived here a long time and liked their "spots" a whole lot. I told him not to worry I had NO CAR.. so it would not be a problem for me. I am not the only one here who does not have their own car either. There are many of us. He told me I would LOVE the DART (dial a ride) and that turned out to be true. I do LOVE it.  Horace had lived in this complex for many years. He knew everyone here. Margaret, Barbara and he were great pals. 

Slowly getting used to the complex and how things get done here. Days were filled with re-doing cabinets and closets and trying to find ROOM.Trying to settle in to my new place. On and on the winter went.. we had a bad one last year..heavy snows what seemed like every day. Five months passed and the beginning of February Horace passed away. He went out to breakfast, as he did frequently, and came home and sat down in his easy chair and passed peacefully. People were in the hallway, Sheriff deputies, paramedics, and family members. Margaret in Apt. 102, had lost her second friend in less than 8 months. I felt so bad for her and for his family. He was a nice man. 

This past winter another tenant left our building.  A lady this time, and not very old, she died of a massive heart attack in her apartment as paramedics tried to save her. 
So far I have lived here three years this summer and have watched people come and go, move in and out and go on their way. Some left this worldly place for their heavenly homes. Lessons learned with each passing. 



Monday, April 17, 2017


Kind of a struggle to keep remembering to even post here on this blog. Never ever thought it would get that way. Forget totally about it  as  I am always at Facebook. So easy to check in and out there and keep up to date with people I know. NO ONE bothers much to visit blogs any more. Should I keep this place open.. well I vowed to NEVER ever close it a long time ago. SO.. it stays here waiting for me to come back and DO SOMETHING. Any thing at all.
Life was pretty dull this winter.. I did not go out much due to the cold or the bronchitis I had.I spent some time watching APRIL the giraffe walk around her pen, as did millions of others. She didn’t have it until April 15th. It was a BOY yet to be named.. that made national news. At one time the counter at their YouTube channel said over one million watchers while it was happening. I also watched the great horned owl TIGER family nesting at the CLICK family home. Despite losing 4 eggs in a nest due to an ice storm the mom owl (Altera) laid another two eggs and they are doing well. AN orphan baby owl was also placed in the nest box and has been accepted as their own and thriving.  Bad news and crisis in this nation, watching the owls was somewhat calming and pleasant. I highly recommend it. The link to their page is in red above.

Spring has really sprung here now though so  I have been out and about on the bus and visiting.News of a new senior center opening next month has people talking. You have to be a MEMBER to go there and so that will hamper a lot of seniors on a fixed tight income. Wonder did they think of that? Well I guess I will wait and see if it is worth me joining as I have to pay to ride a bus to just get there every single visit. It does make a difference to some of us.Going through cabinets spring cleaning brought evidence of a visitor I would rather NOT have. I put out traps and see if it works. Peanut butter always does.. we will see. Getting ready for my niece to have her baby at any time now. We wait for the due date but could be early.. you never know with a second child. This will be a girl named LILY so we are all excited.Will post when that happens for sure.

WELL hope you all had a great Easter and will be enjoying some warmer weather this spring.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


What is that old saying..Yes I agree March came in roaring like a lion the past two days or so. I can hear the wind howling so loudly tonight. We were so lucky here where I am. No threats of loss.  I sit at my computer and think about all the people who have had their lives altered because of the horrible storms and tornadoes that ripped across all our states and counties. How sad to see the destruction so complete that you hardly know what it is you are looking at. One minute you have your home and your life and the next you have nothing, My prayers are sent to those in need there May GOD comfort those who are in harm’s way and tomorrow in the aftermath. 

  I spent almost all of February sick with what most everyone else has. The urgent care has been busy with a virus that takes a long time to shake without some kind of help from an antibiotic. The endless coughing and sleepless nights really wore me out. I sure am careful when I go out now to stay away from people a lot, sure don't want that over again. There was
snow for us here, the winter is here for awhile. Mother nature is so confused.  We are on a roller coaster it seems. Makes me wonder what the Spring and Summer will be once it finally gets here. I have seen more green grass this winter than ever before. Kids missed out on sledding and  ice skating this year here and in other places nothing but one snow storm after another. Mixed up world for sure. Hope this short update finds you all well and safe.