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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


WELL bear with me I am making changes here and have tried to get things back to normal some. In the past when I changed the theme here my music playlist went with me. This time I have had a lot of trouble getting it just the way I want it. I can't seem to delete the playlist that is displayed on there and hope the songs don't offend anyone. I deleted it completely and started one over again hoping it would reset itself.. for the record..
it supposed to be playing CHRISTMAS SONGS.. LOL
Reminds me some of putting up a Christmas tree and then moving all the ornaments around on it until it is just right. I have been known to change them for weeks after the darn thing is up. This year the tree we used is in storage, and I have a tiny one I brought with me. Not much changing I can do with that.  Thought I would put up my tree here on the ole blog though.. it's a real nice one from last year. I can still see mom sitting in her chair just staring at it. How she loved a tree and all the lights at Christmas time. I must say the one we had looked great for it's size. 
No snow here yet but they say some is coming..all I am hoping for is that it isn't the kind that piles up and makes moving around miserable.
Hope where you are things are all decorated up in holiday style!