Saturday, April 13, 2013


REMEMBER THESE???? You can't even give them away now. 

So the future of television coverage is about to change...again.. This time it will be broadcast for all computers and devices to pick up the signal and watch free.
WHAT???? Yes..this is definitely the wave of the future. We thought the large flat screens were wonderful and they still are selling..but wait.. you may not even need them any more. Here's an enlightening report about what will be changing sooner than we think.  NEW TV Here is another COMPANY that will make it easy to watch live tv on our computers..right now only in the New York area, but they will be  branching out soon.
How many of us are already watching shows we want to on our computers or IPADS? It is more capable of adapting to our lifestyles now. We can watch almost anywhere at any time. It's the "wave of the future" I was told. "It's going to be how we all watch things from now on." No longer sitting together watching programs but scattered in different locations all watching the same things. Progress makes us all have to move with the times. Sometimes I think it might not be the best thing, but then what can we do about it? Well..that's just something I was thinking about today. If you need me I will be in the bedroom watching the latest video of  Duck Dynasty on my laptop. YES..I know..... I know.....