Friday, August 20, 2010


It never came to mind until I saw Dr. Oz talking about how women had back and shoulder problems due to their PURSE or handbags. Yeah.. those bags have gotten
heavier and larger the past few years. Some look like tote bags and or suitcases.
At the treatment center where mom goes they have a scale in the floor and weigh
every patient as they come in and out of the building. It is accurate to the kilogram. I decided to weigh my current purse and see if I was "over the limit".
What is the limit?.. According to him and his research 14 lbs! FOURTEEN pounds!
I hope to NEVER have one weigh that much. So I weighed my purse and it came
out to 6.5 pounds. I was thrilled. I started thinking about how much MORE I could
take out and make it weigh a lot less. A summer purse of mine weighs a lot less than the winter one made of leather. Why not trim the junk NOW and get it over with. I have had shoulder and back trouble for years and KNOW it is bad for you to carry too much. Bags that have zippers on the front have more pockets to carry more stuff. Just makes it harder to drag it around. I don't mind one small one
but all over it NO.. So I passed my test with flying colors.. mine won't break
my back or give me troubles.. Hope if you carry a purse or bag this will help
remind you to try and beat the limit!!
(P.S. this purse is now gone due to an unfortunate incident!)