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Thursday, February 14, 2013


WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR  VIRTUALTRIP...SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME ..I loved the water and the warmth. I found the driving on the left kind of strange but got used to it if someone else was doing the driving..that boat was really rocking at some times, but smooth sailing at others. This video is short and covers our trip just great. Someone left their goggles and flippers in the boat..that's a no no.. but looks like 

 Joe is ready for a swim!!

We must hurry back though and get ready for our Valentine's dinner on the beach.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today we are at Buck Island, St Croix.. it's so gorgeous here. We are going on a charter cruise and doing some snorkeling. Sounds like fun. Clicking the link above you can go on the one minute tour and see some of the special scenery. 
I am not telling on any one of us..but ONE person in our group got a pretty bad sunburn yesterday. OUCH!! Hmmm don't think they will go swimming today so we might end up in the Sunny Isle Shopping center. We will stop and get some lunch 
I truly could sit here all day and enjoy the scenery but the CASINO awaits us!!
It is so regal looking..the front entrance looks fantastic. I hope we have luck inside and maybe we can manage to stay a few more days on the islands!


Monday, February 11, 2013


Anchors away blog family.. today we are taking that fishing trip
I know I will get some help from you all if I hook one
and can’t reel that sucker in. What fun!!
When we get back Sue will be playing tennis at the courts at
the hotel and we will cheer her on. By dinnertime we all will
have one of those sunset beach side buffets. 
with all we can eat. We have private chefs that will
make it the way we want it!!!
Tomorrow we will sail to BUCK ISLANDon a charter trip
and explore the island has a wonderful protected reef
that is just beautiful. 
I can’t wait!! Smile  Whoever lost these sunglassessee
me because I am keeping them safe until you retrieve them. LOL
We sure had a nice get away from all the cold.. don't know about you but think I will be staying on my beach a little while longer.. Anyone got extra suntan lotion??
Who knows what we can get into tomorrow??

Sunday, February 10, 2013


We ARE in the U.S. Virgin Islands.. there are many
islands that make up the whole.
What Fun!!
Today we are taking a horseback ride on one of the many
tours they have.  Joe has ridden ahead of us, I would
know that hat and shorts anywhere! Wink

Cindy, Beth, Carole and I made plans to shop in the duty free stores
and some
went to visit the sugar plantation on St Croix and have dinner
at a place called the Harbormaster Beach Club.
 There is a beach
barbeque floor show that can’t be beat! Island with a palm tree Ohhh the beat of
that steel band was wonderful too.
Word comes from the cold cold country that snow is really
piling up.Wink A smile comes to your face as you sit and watch
the sunset over the beach after a wonderful warm day.Smile

Long day.... tomorrow I hear someone is impatient to
get on the boat and go fishing.. wonder who that could
be?? LOL
What a view.... that can’t be beat.. See you tomorrow....