Sunday, January 20, 2013

WINTER?? 2013

People around these parts ask..winter?..where?? We have had just a little snow and only a few days of harsh cold weather. The ground is green much like last winter with a little ice to scrape. The winds came in last night though and with it a howl and a blast of arctic cold and maybe some snow. It all depends on where you live I guess. Bad for us because the ground needs to freeze up to kill all those bugs that come out in the summertime. Well I know it is winter,because they are playing HOCKEY on tv again and the Superbowl is right around the corner. January here was, for all the records, nice!! I predict the groundhog will see his shadow though and we will have 3 months of cool weather. Our spring will show up in late June. That suits me fine. 
In other news..Is it me or have the playoffs for the championships been really good this year? I am not an avidfootball fan but I watched one on the edge of my seat, as it went back and forth. I think the teams are evenly matched this year. I used to be a real 49er fan but that was back when the name Joe Montana was famous. I am holding off on picking a real favorite yet. I see that PEPSI will be sponsor at the half time show with Beyoncee and I have to say I bet it will be spectacular. 
American Idol is back for it's 12th season. I gotta say I kinda like last years judges better. The new ones are so vibrant they sort of out shine the contestants. Not naming names but one is really over the top. There is some real talent out there from what I have seen. Could make a really good season this year. Got to admit I didn't watch much of it last year at all. LIFE got in the way.      
I am looking forward to Nascar's DAYTONA in February..have to wait almost the whole month but it will be worth it. It always is. I don't watch a whole lot of sports but the fast cars are right up my alley. I do have a favorite there and that is Stewart-Hass racing. I am a big Tony Stewart fan and his team did well last year. 
I am really liking the SCRABBLE game at know that place where we all hang out now. Seems Facebook took over and blogs kinda went out of style for most people. I do admit I don't blog everyday like I used to, heck if I get three or four times a month it will be good. I know that isn't good but it is just not like it used to be back in SPACES days..Remember something called MYSPACE??  Something happened, I forget what, but now it is a thing of the past. I hope blogs never get that way..mine won't.. it will be around as long as I can type a word and get access to it. I PROMISE..

SO this was my first post of 2013, I tried to make it more like I used to post at Spaces. It was fun..maybe I will keep it up more in 2013.