Wednesday, September 11, 2013



I was in my room doing my hair getting ready to take my mom for a hair appointment...I looked up and Matt Lauer said.." Something is happening at the World Trade Towers in New York City." Now I don't remember what they were talking about before and I know I was not really paying close attention until I saw the towers on fire...Then I got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. "Those poor people, I hope they get out safely" I said out loud.. I turned to ABC then, and sure enough there was Charlie Gibson talking about what was going on and then the second plane hit.I watched it LIVE. I was numb. I totally stood there with my mouth open saying .".NO, NO this can't be happening! This is AMERICA what is going on???? "GOD BLESS Peter Jennings who came on shortly thereafter and was explaining what was going on. I yelled for my mother to turn on her TV.."Can you believe this.. WE ARE BEING ATTACKED!!!?

I took my mother to get her hair cut... under protest... I mean I REALLY did not want to go at all!!!SHE DID! That was the last thing I wanted to do..leave my TV...  I stayed in the car the whole time and never left the radio for more than a minute. I heard  them talking about other planes and how many they didn't know.. Every station was telling what was going on.Radios were on inside the beauty shop also and it was eerily quiet when I went inside to get her. We all just had the most terrible sad looks on our faces.  When we left, I went through the bank and got money so I could buy gas..(would I need a full tank?) we filled up the tank and I stopped and ran in for some food in case..(would we need supplies?) I had no idea what for...I just felt the need to do it. The store had TV's on... they were usually on the food channel but today they were on news!!  People were gathered around and people were talking about WAR!!! 

Pearl Harbor I heard mentioned from one elderly man. War!! I had not thought about that...  not really.. who in the world would attack the USA?..I mean thats so crazy!! I got out of there fast and went straight home....the TV hardly went off for the next 48 hours and I
 watched a very tired ABC anchor sit there through most of it,  tirelessly talking and explaining was a comfort for him to be Cronkite when Kennedy was shot. (Yes I am old enough to remember that day and Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy
 too. ) We have come a long way in the years that have passed and we still have a long way to go. Today I will be remembering a lot of things... but I will remember those who died there and in Pennsylvania and in Washington at the Pentagon. GOD BLESS AMERICA and those who serve our country and protect and serve our cities.. they are doing a tireless job and I absolutely support them 100%!!!