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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The NEWS of terrible destruction and loss of life is just heartbreaking to hear. It is not  offically tornado season yet and such horrible loss is coming from terrible storms. We have had a mild winter so far..temps in the 50's sometimes here in Michigan and that is very unusal for February and March. I think this might mean that March could be very scary for a whole lot of the nation if the same pattern continues. 
 I send all those my prayers who lives have been touched and changed forever due to these horrible tornadoes.

NEWS of the death of Davy Jones of a massive heart attack at 66 really was shocking. I was a big fan of the MONKEES growing up. Immediately my heart sank and all I could hear in my mind was the lyrics of their songs.. Daydream Believer..Last Train to Clarksville and a little known song.. maybe you heard of it.. I think it is such a nice tune and sung only by Davy.. Give it a listen...