Monday, May 7, 2012


Did you ever drive some where and wonder how you got there? The car just goes almost by itself. To work, or to home? Happens a lot to me lately. I start out one place and whiz over to someplace else. Guess my mind is cluttered with other things and just doesn't know what it is doing sometimes. Recently I drove to our old house twice and was headed someplace else. It's like something else took me over and I ended up there. 
I was really shocked when I arrived and saw three metal lawn chairs sitting on the porch that looked just like the ones we had. Antique ones. Sis and I both are almost SURE that there were things left in the attic of our garage that we did not know about. How in the world this young fella could get three green antique chairs just like the ones Dad and Mom had is beyond me. Sis said it's a sign from the folks.." we are still around." I am going to make it a point to drive by there and try to get the photo. Makes me wonder what else was up there. What treasures we could have found that Dad left for us. DID you ever wish you had checked something out that you didn't? We sure do now. 
I recently took a drive out in the country looking around for some nice photos of wild flowers, you know the ones that make us sneeze. We have had a lot of rain recently and the fields are full of all sorts of new growth right now. What I found mostly was that ever growing Phlox that seems to pop up in every yard and every roadside ditch. The purple and white is quite pleasing to the eye. DID you ever wish you hadn't put flowers in a vase with a cat in the house? Yeah..guilty here. Chalk it up to not being aware that cats are curious of all things new. WHAM..water and flowers everywhere. I never even got to sneeze at them. Didn't bother to put them back out on the table either. Lesson learned. 

DID you ever take a different route to some place out of the blue? Not so out of the blue I am thinking.. Several days ago I decided to take two different out of the way streets to go somewhere close in town. When I got to the place I saw that people were standing out talking and looking. When I looked there,a big nasty car accident. I would have been right there if I had went another way. Some how I was getting signals..go another way. You may think that is creepy or weird to believe, but me..I never take those vibes as nonsense. We make those decisions for a reason.I
sure don't question things like that any more. Chalk it up to experience or just my old age. Well, I  will stop rambling away..