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Friday, September 10, 2010


First we get a call to go to the treatment center at 8:00 A.m.... mom declined! I mean she can decline and go at her normal time and just not so early. We get into town and then the car started ( for lack of another word) bucking or jumping a little. Not severe, but enough to alarm a person. It has never done that before. When the check engine light came on.. I parked it right away. I seized an engine up once long ago by driving one anyway with the light on. So I call the AAAtow and call for a rental and all being done in two towns because you are NOT in your own city. UGhhhh I hate that.. never know who to trust..mechanic-wise.So we get that all straightened out and then the mechanic says to me.."well it will be Monday or Tuesday before we can get to it".. uhhhh OKAY.. since we have a RENTAL CAR we are paying for.. and they know it.. the guy gives me a look like.. WELL YOU HAVE A CAR ya know!! Talk about ticked off.

Someone is making bucks off us.. the AAA charged us 3.50 a mile extra for the miles into our town. YEP. mom's NOT got the
"PLUS" coverage. Cars get complicated I sure do know that.. but I sure hate when they break down out of town and when it is close to the weekend. So the guy on the phone from AAA says "well I can't send a tow out unless the person on the card gives the okay. WEll that is Mom's card and she is hooked up to a machine at the moment. NO exceptions he says.. Ughhh.. so I have to call the center and have the okay given..(between you and me).. the nurse at the center gave it.. not mom. They
didn't want her to get upset..which she would and there would go her blood pressure! Geeeez what we have to go through. Gotta say the tow truck arrived earlier than they said and it was all clean and nice and shiny and the guy did know what he was doing. Sometimes a tow guy knows about as much as I do about hooking them up. I have seen some whacked out things in my time. Enough to make you leery for sure. So Friday is not over yet.. DO rentals breakdown too? I sure hope NO COP stops me on my way any where, as there is NO paper in the car like a registration at all.. only a proof of insurance. WHERE is the proof? .. ahhhh it's with the receipt that my SIS got, not with me. The place of business is closed for the weekend so fat chance getting them on the phone for anything. DO I sound stressed.. yep.. I am at level 6 about now.. earlier it was 10!

If I was a drinking person I would be on my second beer by now.. will be so glad when the day is over and I can sleep through the weekend. This surely has been a rocky week.My back feels better so far, but I haven't lifted anything heavy , but the yard needs a mow. Don't want to even think about what that might feel like. Guess I will put that off for now. TGIF!!!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I don't know about you, but I had a pretty strict driver's training instructor. He was a retired sheriff deputy. He believed in the ten and two hands on the steering wheel plan. "You will always have control over the wheel when you do this." Okay.. that lasted only as long as the class and the driver's test. I think if both hands are on the wheel then you have it under control.Heck, even one that is in the right spot and tightly holding it can work. I keep my hands mostly at 9 and 3. I see a lot of men with one hand at 12 and the other on the back of the seat or around the gal of his choice. Sometimes the guy rests one hand on the gear shift if the car is not an automatic drive. What about the people who use their cell phones? Those people use one hand and it could be anywhere on the wheel. Do they really have control of the wheel?

Sis drives mostly with her hands at 9 and 5. A friend I know drives with their hands at 7 and 5..having your hands so high on the wheel..does that really matter?
My dad used to drive with his right hand at 3 and his arm out the window, except for wintertime. People who use their speed controls, well they can steer their cars pretty easily with one hand almost anywhere on the steering wheel. So people can drive whatever way they want to, but do they really have control? I always worry about the deer here in Michigan jumping out in front of you. You have no control over what they do, but you need to have control over your vehicle. SO where are
your hands on the wheel?

Well, it was just something I was pondering the other day while watching a guy eat, drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Would I do that? HECK NO...I have driven and eaten at the same time on occasion, but nothng like a meal or
anything. My car is NOT in a no cell phone zone, I do use it in the car, mostly while NOT driving though. Texting costs me a lot so I don't do that sort of thing, but my hands are on the wheel when the car is moving.