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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Music blasted from a house nearby late into the night. I could hear it over the top of my air conditioner. What a way to start my birthday. I decided at 1:30 AM that I would sleep in today. I wouldn't get up at 5 AM like I have been with Mom lately. I felt I needed this day to do what I wanted to. At 7:00, a whole
two hours later, I gave Mom her breathing treatment and made sure she had her meds.She decided she would make her own breakfast today. I was pleased because I knew she was getting over her illness.
I found my way back up the 14 stairs to my room where I piled back in the bed for another hours rest. It felt divine!

I decided to check my e mails and low and
behold I found many birthday greetings waiting for me. What a joy.. it sure brought up my spirits. It seems like a year since Mom got sick and our whole world changed. There are not many times when you have much to celebrate about unless you try and find them. Mom only knew what day of the week it was. That is normal for her right now, I didn't feel bad about it..only sad. She remembered last year.. so much has occurred since then.

The center called and we had to leave earlier than usual. We were glad because this meant we could get home before 8 pm. The whole day is lost to us because we don't LIVE in the same town as the treatment center. There is NO leaving town anymore now that mom is unstable during her treatments. Sis had the day off
so she came along too. We spent 3 hours inside the public library reading and
using the laptop. (Without it I surely go insane.)If you don't live in town you can only use their computers for 30 minutes a day. Try doing it all in 30 minutes..
I sure can't do much.
We both nearly fell asleep,it is so quiet in there. The library in this town is so different from our own town. The rules are strictly ENFORCED. You won't hear cell phones or people talking much, even the children are quiet.
Sis and I had dinner at Taco Bell. I am not fond of it, but I didn't have to cook
it so that satisfied me.I had an ice cream cone for dessert that was so good. Hadn't had one in a long time. It literally melted in minutes due to the high temps we
were having. I could hardly lick fast enough.
Picked up mom from treatment and headed home. On the way, Sis informs me
that she thinks she has POISON IVY!
OH LORD..... I hope she kept the oil from coming to our house..