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Thursday, March 15, 2012


Well it is hot enough to feel like summer out there. It has been more summer-like than I can ever remember in March. The animals are all making nests and scampering around. I think I am just wondering how long this will last. Well no matter, soon the sound of lawn mowers will be filling the air. The grass is already coming back up. Gas prices continue to be almost $4 or more and so I doubt we will be mowing it as often as we used to though. Many people have been complaining about the prices of gas and groceries and I suspect that there will be more gardeners than ever this summer. I cannot wait to get some tomato plants growing in pots. They aren’t too safe around here in a garden, as the woods have so many critters to eat them before they even get 6 inches high. Having a garden before, as large as the area in the picture below, well, it was a whole lot of hard work. 

 We tried planting more so that there would be enough for us and the critters. Didn’t work. They ate everything despite all the sprays and nets and high fences. Deer, rabbits, raccoons, and skunks are all seen around here too often. I had good luck with container gardening so guess that is what I will do. Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Spring-Summer weather we are getting. My daily walks are sure wonderful without the heavy coats and boots etc. I saw a glimpse of some kind of animal in the barn where the car is parked today and sure hope it is NOT A SKUNK!! It moved so fast I could not see a white mark on it. Lord help me, I am so nervous going in there to get the car. Hopefully it is a racoon or squirrel.   

Tonight we took a drive to a neighboring town. As we traveled, we noticed the clouds building and beginning to circle us. When we came back home the skies were getting really dark and we heard thunder. I wondered if there had been a watch issued. We were in a hurry to get back home when we ran across this guy and he was NOT going to move no matter what. Drivers on both sides of him had to stop and turn around or just wait him out. Now I think, even out on a country type road, this should not happen. Finally when cars began to mount up on either side he had to stop unloading the corn and pull over.        

I guess he was in a hurry to get the corn in the trucks before the rain came, and nothing was going to stop him. There wasn’t a watch for our area but one for east of us near Ann Arbor. Out of this storm system a tornado touched down in a town called Dexter. Much damage has been reported. It looked pretty bad on the news at 10 PM tonight. Here is a LINK to reports about it. Notice the LARGE homes and the damage to them. Some of the homes in that area are old and have been there decades, others not. They are two-story homes and it takes a pretty good tornado to do that kind of damage. I send my prayers to them all.      Hope you all have a wonderful and