Thursday, March 17, 2011


 I came across this link and address at Facebook from a person who is really in Japan reporting in English from there. The videos and reporting tell the real story there.
It is so hard to watch from afar and wonder what will happen next and what, if anything, one can do to help. They need everything, much like those people who survived after Katrina happened here in America. Most people are sending the Red Cross
their donations. It's a start, but they will need much more. So much of the gulf states area is still standing exactly like it was 10 years after that horrible hurricane, you have to wonder will Japan ever recover from this all? Time will tell, the Japanese are a strong and honorable people, if anyone can do the work to recover they can. May God Bless Them
and keep them all safe from harm in the coming days and months.     

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I ran across this sign in my travels and whether or not it was against the law to change the slogan of this company, the message came across loud and clear....
I hope no one says or does anything, and it remains as a reminder to the youth
of the town.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


WE went on a hunt through the house for certain pictures to be included
in Mom's service. One picture she loved we could not find was the "moon
picture". It was taken back in 1944 at a county
fair. There were several ones taken that day and one of both of my parents. We
haven't found them yet. I search through so many things daily looking for certain
items. TODAY I came across one of the smaller "moon" pictures. How cool
it looks to see your parent in a different light. What was happening the day
it was taken is not known to me, but Mom told me that Dad loved to go to fairs and
ride the rides. We took him to visit the fair even into his elder years while in a wheelchair. Going through the multitude of boxes there is something new every day to see.
I did find a nice tea pot and sugar and creamer set of Blue Willow that mom saved. What happened to the rest of the dishes is a mystery, I wish I had them too. Along with the treasures, an old hat and a coat mom wore in the 40's. Who knew
that they would be back in style someday. They were preserved well and could be used as a costume in a play so may be donated. Each day I travel back in time
wondering what new thing I will find in the next box.