Friday, October 29, 2010


Having the name CAROL ANN  this movie scared the beeejeez out of
me....This scene was soooo good! ENJOY!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oprah.. that's NOT NEW.. but her last season on public television is. She is determined to have so much entertainment and so many new things to send off her last year. 
Reviewing people she met and topics that she covered over the years is proving to be interesting to the viewer. Today her show was dedicated to the movie Sound of Music. All cast members were present and hearing their stories and memories of making the movie was enjoyable.
Tomorrow she and her best friend Gayle will be making a road trip to Yosemite to go camping. If you saw any of her road trip across the USA you will really like this series of shows. I cannot wait as it was really eye-opening the last time. Oprah had no idea how to put gas in a car or what the inside of a motel or convenience store looked like. Checking into a room in any town along the way HAD to have the right linens and pillows, and when they didn't she stopped into a store and bought all brand new for her next nights stay. So you can bet the equipment she will get will probably be the BEST there is to buy. Not all people can afford this kind of camping. Too bad she didn't use things that others could afford to use as an example. Regardless of her accommodations, I will be watching Gayle and Oprah inside a tent , treading water in a river and fishing, putting up a tent and making a fire. It has me chuckling thinking about it.
                                                (photo by google images)
WHAT started this whole thing in the first place?? WHY camping?
It was to bring to attention of all black families that they need to check out our national parks and go camping. Someone, not sure who, told her that not enough black families went camping in this country. Wonder if this will influence anyone in the future? If they see what fun she has, it might work. I do NOT have the extra cable channels, and  will miss seeing Oprah in the future. I guess I will just have to catch up with things over the web site. It won't be the same as sitting and watching with Mom and Sis and discussing the whole program as it is going on. I will miss those moments. I am looking forward to the whole month of November as it will reveal a lot of Oprah's favorite things and interesting interviews and topics. I think in 25 years she truly has changed the way America and the world thinks about things. She talks about an AH HAH moment on some of her shows. A moment in your life where the light bulb went off and you it just changed your way of thinking or living. I heard Oprah talk about how she journaled every day and I had done the same thing in my life. Oprah changed the way I did my journaling. To try and find the positive thoughts in every day and not dwell on the negative. I decided to try that out. Sometimes I back slide but mostly I try to stick with it.

THANKS OPRAH.. for the Americans who can't type or use a computer or have access to your website.. we appreciate what you have done for us all.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After the storm the sun came out just as it was beginning to go down. It looked like someone had turned on a giant spotlight. The wind was fierce today and we had many warnings and watches. Odd for October in Michigan. They are calling it the second most powerful storm ever to hit this part of the country.My head hurt as I got up this morning with such pressure I had never felt before. I turned on the tv news and they reported that the barometric pressure was lower than it had ever been.  WOW! The winds so high it was breaking records all across the country.. here in Michigan with
all the lakeshore we have it was quite spectacular.

 Hmmm 26 foot waves.. now that I gotta see!  Here is a picture posted on the weather blog I visit.. I guess  bigger ones will be posted tomorrow.

As the sun sets, clouds are racing across the evening sky. Tomorrow it may not rain, but we will remember the wind that brought  down the leaves from the trees and the crisp autumn air that followed it.Fall in Michigan changes minute by minute, you never know what you are going to get. You have to keep track of things to know what kind of coat to wear and if you will need an umbrella or shovel by the end of the day. It was a good thing that yesterday I went and pulled all my leaves the front of our yard. Now they are just blowing down the street to parts unknown and I won't have to worry about the city picking them up.  Well I guess it was going to happen sooner or later..  the token picture of leaves from me...and the last(?) picture of the bare trees 2010.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Seems the countryside is changing so fast, you blink and all the trees are bare. We had some wind here that helped them out a lot. As Beth Marie spoke the other day..harvesting is going on like crazy now. DSCN2919 DSCN2955

The local ethanol plant has semi’s lined up way down the road waiting to get in.


As we drove to treatment the other day we passed a tour of antique cars. Mom said it really took her back to old times seeing them. Pays to have your camera at the ready for anything that may come along. See that smaller roof..that is a tornado shelter, the door was on the other side. I can’t blame them for having one as their property set in the middle of some very flat farm land. Here is some local color and the bottom 2 pics are of our one and only maple tree in our backyard. It sure was glorious this year.. started out slow and then everything just popped!

DSCN2910 DSCN2931DSCN2914 DSCN2916

Well that is the tour of around here this fall. Now all the displays are coming out for Halloween, some are pretty neat. People have such incredible talent! I will just have to get busy and take some views of those too.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


For two days now I have been chasing the Wifi.. both at home and on the road. Believe it or not I have just entered into my third spot. I settled into my little desk area at the library and all of a sudden UH OH.. their system went on the blink. Good thing they announced it or I would have thought my laptop on the fritz.

They had the same problem last Friday.. boy that place sure clears out in a hurry once NO ONE can get on line. So I moved on to another spot and no longer is their service FREE, you have to make a purchase to get the code. So I settled for another spot at the local Hospital parking lot. Here I pick up limited connection, but at least I can get someplace.
Today is sunny here and in the 50′s.. had a very cool morning. I noticed that the price of gas had come down over the weekend to 2.82..big relief as it was nearly 3.00 last week. Visited the post office and bought stamps.. this old gal will never buy anything but the “FOREVER” stamps.. let me tell ya that was a genius idea. Why pay more just because you had some left over..

We had an appt to meet with the social worker in mom’s case and she has promised to try to move mom’s schedule so that we can get home before dark. I sure hope it is soon. Then I met with the clinical nurse in charge to go over all mom’s meds. GOOD NEWS..she can now stop two more of her meds. This means that she is well enough to not need them in her system at all. I questioned whether that would be okay with her DOCTOR in charge and she said she would make it SO. Hmm makes you wonder just who the heck is really running the ship! When one says one thing and another something else I QUESTION it!! I feel for those who don’t understand things it must be very very confusing to them. I see my laptop battery is getting low again.. will have to invest in an adapter soon so I can charge it in the car. I just hope I don’t have to do much more chasing wifi in the future, gas what it is.. well.. makes a person make hard decisions. Just glad the weather is okay and it is warm inside the car.


P.S. We sure are having a great time with our Facebook group page. Remember you can’t find the group, if you have been invited, UNLESS your are on the HOME page ..not your profile page.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Quick update here on a new group made at Facebook.. if you are a member there and were on Windows Live Spaces you might be interested in this group. We are keeping track of everyone's NEW blog addresses there so everyone can find each other. The group is private and so you are invited by your E MAIL address. I added as many as I could there. We have nearly 50 people added. If you received an invite on your Facebook page or in your mail box from SPACE FRIENDS that is the group I am talking about. They have a PRIVATE chat there where we all can chat with each other regardless of the time zone etc. ALL you need is to ACCEPT the invite and join in. The chat last night lasted until 2 AM and we had a great time. If you do not have a FACEBOOK account or prefer NOT to join that is up to you. YOU MUST BE a member of Facebook though to join this group. BIG THANKS to SHERRY of BURRWOOD for making this group up.. we are growing by the hour..

HOPE YOU ALL WILL JOIN IN THE FUN>> if you need more info contact my e mail address or visit my FACEBOOK page..


Friday, October 15, 2010


SO it’s Friday again.. what a week.. we helped get 33 miners up out of their dark place and into the light of day and real life again. The news reported today that more than one of those miners had more than one mistress up in the real world. Whoops… I bet those guys NEVER thought of the consequences of their actions. Talk about reality TV.. uh huh…
Update on the  flu shots.. got mine a couple of weeks back. No problems, but ever since then I have heard of a lot of people who are sick with some kind of something. Fevers, sore throat, etc. Several of the workers at mom’s treatment center have been out sick and even had to get antibiotics to help get over it. Does not bode well for the winter season around here. I have been using those wipes and hand santizers like crazy.  Got our furnace cleaned and heated up the house yesterday. I have been using those infrared heaters you see advertised for at least a month. Sure saves on the gas bill. They are well worth the investment for sure. Eggs went on sale at the store for 99 cents a dozen so I stocked up and decided to make a custard impossible pie.  It was yummy. Placed the recipe at my recipe blog.. is so fast and easy…was a pleasure to make it. Use the search box and find the recipe by name.
Gas went up here to nearly $ really have to watch when to buy it or you will get really ripped off. I noticed that prices of fruit are back up in stores except for apples which are plentiful here in Michigan right now. Being aware sure helps with cost right now.
SCHOOL PRIDE is being launched tonight on TV on NBC at 8 PM est. Ever since I saw the commercial I thought this was a great idea. Schools in this country are in such bad condition.. a show that goes in and restores them back to new brings so much back to the youth who go there. With pride in their surroundings they can’t help themselves but be more excited in learning. I think the photos of how bad they look will surely shock a lot of people. WORTH WATCHING this..such a good good idea. Well that’s all from here…

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So this is live writer and it is on a trial run. If it doesn’t work out..
it is soo out of here. So far I like how the pictures are put inside
the blog content. NiceDSCN2777 size for the blog..that is a plus in my eyes. I tried to add my Wordpress Blog to this and it would not add for some reason. I may have forgotten the original settings or something. This one will have to do until I figure it all out. DSCN2783It’s raining today and most of the gorgeous leaves are falling rapidly. I am afraid that by our weekend the whole countryside will look completely different.
Watched the live coverage of the miners coming up from their dark place in the world. What kind of mark this has left on their lives is really yet to be seen. I know NO ONE has ever been underground that long of a time before, so I am sure they will get all kinds of counseling. Have been very impressed at how they all healthy. Bravo to all the workers who are standing by helping them escape.
Well enough of this .. will hit send and see what happens.. keeping fingers crossed… HERE GOES….

Friday, October 8, 2010


 It's Friday already. This week has been extremely busy and full of changes. I am  just grateful when Saturday comes and I don't have to go anywhere. Wellll, not exactly. The weather is glorious! Who would NOT want to go out and enjoy it? I will have to mow the lawn and do outdoor chores. I sure would rather do them in the warmth than a cold October day anytime!!

.Here is a pic of my famous DOLLAR watch. My watch, I wore forever, just would not keep time any way I tried.  I never thought of a bracelet type watch before. I kind of like the whole put one on in a hurry type thing. So I was browsing the display at the BIG K because I had to have a new one in a hurry, and didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. I saw this one sitting there with a clearance tag on it. $19.99! Well I was sold, it looked nice enough to me. When I got the front check out she scanned the watch box and low and behold it was a returned item and she said it was on clearance for ONE DOLLAR..did I want it anyway? Well , shoot.. it was running.. maybe all it needed was a battery. She said the battery had been replaced. OH BOY.. I said YES.. when I got to the parking lot and took the watch out of the box I noticed that there were TWO diamond chips one at 12 and one at 6. LUCKY me!! The maker is not listed on it, but who cares the darn thing works great. Sis really liked it. She collects watches, so when her birthday rolled around, I went back to the store looking for any that might be
returned. No such luck. I sure will be looking from now on though. A nice time piece that works for a buck is just my type of deal. I love it when I get a bargain!!
Well not much more from here..


Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Pardon me. but do we still have a rant day that is a carry over from Spaces? Well don’t know the answer to that, but have gotten peeved about a few things lately that surely apply. First off.. why doesn’t anyone read road signs any more? I mean I am old school about things but really.. if the sign says YIELD.. DO IT!! If the sign says STOP.. do that too. Don’t roll on into the intersection waiting for the on coming traffic to stop for you. Twice I saw this and I must say it was NOT a teen driver doing it either. Here they call them a “Michigan roll.” Roll on out there and get smacked is what they should call them. Geez.. get some education!. I hate people who just go along and think they make the rules of the road. There is NEVER anyone around to give them a ticket to tell them that THEY ARE WRONG.. about what they are doing. Maybe if they got a ticket and had to pay money they wouldn’t do it again.

Mom and I nearly got broadsided with a man, (he was not a kid either) who just drove on through that very large sign that said YIELD. There is a lot of construction out there they are trying to finish before the bad weather comes, and I have seen people driving WAY too fast for the speed that is posted too. Too bad there is not an ”eye in the sky” camera around to film those drivers too. Another thing I truly don’t like is people who try to get out into the intersection before you have even cleared it. We have had some close calls lately and that always makes your heart race faster. There are some crazy drivers out there, who really should be given a lesson on how to OBEY the rules and road signs!

WHEW… now I feel better.. thanks!! (I miss the smilies from spaces)

Gas prices shot back up around here to 2.85! Never did find out why but that was at least a 25 cent jump.Went shopping for some fresh new apples and found that some stores had them as high as 3.99 a bag as where some others 1.99. Pays to shop around I guess. Michigan’s apple crop isn’t too great this year because of the freeze we had and so they are yielding a lot less than last year. The ones that are coming in are smaller apples and with less flavor. I find myself looking for the Washington varieties, they always are delicious.

Those of you on facebook know that Sis is trying out an e-reader. I am trying hers too. It is a fun little gadget that gets e mails and books and will go out on the web. Small and convenient and that is a good thing. Never thought I would use such a thing as I am addicted to my laptop now. It is a lot slower and harder to keep the wifi signal in tact but the battery life is great. You can make a picture viewer out of it with your SD card etc, so it proves to be a real multi-purpose item. I am quite impressed with it so far. So far I give it three stars. You can’t print anything out and maybe they will improve that in the future.

WELL it’s been quite a week here the last few days. Mom has made another trip to the ER and had a small surgery at another hospital. It never ends around here. I sure will be ready to get to the weekend!



Friday, October 1, 2010


Glad that I was able to get the feed working so now many of you can get my updates here . I know many people don't care for the Wordpress set up and how things went with WLS but I have to give them credit for getting so many spaces over to them with all the content intact. AMAZING what technology can do. I would never have clicked that button in a million years if I had not had SO MANY other spaces that I could experiment on. Yep, like BethMarie, I had at least 5 so I could use any one and do a trial run. I moved my recipes and my spacewalk space over to wordpress too. REMEMBER that is a review of the finest bunch of people on the planet. The links should lead to their new homes and if they don't  I personally will FIX it!  What was I to do.. lose all that or copy it and just enjoy for myself? No way!! So I will also be GLAD if the feeds work for those sites too.

SO for those of you catching up here....(sorry guys).. I had a fiasco with a purse recently. I wrote about how horrible it is to get one covered in liquid makeup. YIKES! Anyway I went on a hunt for a new purse in a hurry. Didn't think I would find one I liked either. The one I found was on sale and  neat though because it had a place for my cell phone and a  pocket that I now love because it fit my camera perfectly.
That unzipped pocket is just the right size. It is padded enough to keep it safe too. It is smaller than I would have liked but is working out swell so far. I have another purse I love to use that is leather but maybe later in the winter months. So, I am GLAD that I found something I could really use when I really needed it, and a bargain at that!  How often does that least for me it doesn't. Must have been my lucky day! Glad, glad, glad...
On to other topics.. hope to get some pics tomorrow of the harvest festival in town. The weather will be downright cold as FROST is predicted. I was hoping it would be warmer, but maybe it will be sunny anyway. ..