Thursday, July 19, 2012


I think I now have some idea how the settlers used to feel when they waited days and weeks for some rain. Last night, it came in buckets, accompanied by thunder and lightning. I somehow wanted to just run out and stand in it, but in the middle of the night that wasn't such a great idea. Seems every time it rained in Michigan it either went north or way south of us, missing the middle altogether. Well anyway we got our little drink of water. Not sure how long it will be until the next one. The plants needed that and so much more. Our ground here was so dry I am sure it just soaked right in and is still dry down below some.

Apologies to those who commented and they did not get published,I had no idea until I came back to my dashboard there were some ready for attention! 

Seth..I used calamine lotion on the ivy and that really did the job on the blisters that oozed. I used Benadryl cream for the itching and burning. Mine burned a lot and I thought that so odd. I hope you never have another encounter with that evil plant. I avoid any plant now that even resembles that stuff. ICK!

 Now that I have been around my sister's cat for awhile, I have figured out that it is a really laid back way of living being a cat. She sure is spoiled and sleeps a lot. Not sure of her nightly routine but in the daytime she is 
pretty quiet. Dogs have their duties to be watchful of their owners and such but this little lady is not very watchful. The heat is so bad this summer I feel bad for so many animals who might happen to be homeless right now. She lays right in front of the fan most of the time during the day,trying to stay cool.

Spent too many hours in the heat yesterday in the storage and paid dearly for it. Sure have learned that those places are like ovens. The farther you are from the doorway the less air you are going to get. Had to stop for the day and rest up.
All should be gone by the end of this month so no more hot days out there for me.
Sad to see it go though..lots of great memories there. 

Local news is that gas prices went down to 3.33 here and stations were busy while the price was low. I actually bought a gallon of milk last week for 1.99. Guess I got lucky. Didn't need a gallon, but a half costs more so why do that.Neighbors report that the house that mom owned is getting an inside makeover right now. Walls and such are changing from wallpaper that was at least 30 years old to paint and that is quite the improvement. Little by little they are making it their own too. My great nephew  celebrated his first birthday with a chocolate cupcake. Ate every single crumb. I am sure he will end up a chocolate lover like his mom and grandmother are.
They celebrated the birthday by moving into a new home of their own. No more renting for this family. Congrats to them. 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

JULY 4th, 2012

I try to remember July 4th celebrations in the past. There are things we usually do, places we go but this year it is just too darn hot. We have warnings out here for excessive heat until SATURDAY..some three days later. Will be sticking close to home. Ventured out yesterday to the store for some supplies. The place was really busy and I noticed the ice display and ice cream cooler really looking pretty empty. We all are looking for some relief. I wanted to make something for a special treat and ran across this photo at Pinterest. It looks so nice and tasty too. 
It is a sugar cookie dough baked into a round with cool whip and fruit. I know mine won't look exactly like it but similar. Great idea and very tasty. 
Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew will be there too.