Saturday, January 1, 2011


Sobbing, I walked into the cold, windy afternoon air. I looked into the blue sky and wanted to scream that it is just not fair.. moments before, I watched my mother settle down for a nap. Her words echoed in my ears..

"You get old and then you die a long, hard, slow death."

It was not like anything I had heard her say before to me. I think that in a lucid moment she just could see the reality of what she was going through all these months.

I sat in the car a good long time, trying to clear the frustration out of my system. I have to be able to see to drive my way back home the two miles to my
house.  I started the car and slowly drove out of the long driveway, when something
caught my eye in a sudden motion.
Bounding across the road at least 10 deer running at full gallop.
I was so glad I had stopped for a few minutes and not traveled that
road or something bad could have happened.
2011 came in here with blue skies, green grassy fields and
many thoughts of what the year will bring.
My father died on New Years Day
seventeen years ago.