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Monday, June 14, 2010


We have a very old house..over 125 years creaks and snaps
and still hanging in there despite needing so many repairs.
Mom refuses to use drapes to keep out the cold we have shades.
She informed me that yesterday morning when she raised the shades
to our new know, the ones I spoke of moving in..
YES, you read that right. He was NOT peeing over the railing of
the porch..he was peeing ON the PORCH!!! EWWWW..
I was shocked..she was appalled and ready to call the cops!!
LOL I told her that there was nothing we could do but call
the landlady (who doesn't live here in town) and let her know what kind
of people she has living there. She doesn't care, I long as she
gets her money. YES they have a bathroom and YES it is working
no one else PEES on the porch. She said he left the doorway and just let it
fly and then went back in the house. Could he not find a cup or a
bucket inside the house??? I mean so many alternatives to doing
such a thing. I said to her..ARE YOU SURE?? She said YES..I know what
one looks like and I know when it is taking a leak!!! I said did you see
the PEE?..she said YES!! LOL By this time she was getting ticked at me for
questioning her. So I told her to call the landlady and inform her if
she wanted to..I didn't see it and I wasn't going to. If it happens
over and over again.I will but not for one incident.

That is not a good thing to see in the morning before your coffee and
breakfast I agree! Some people just blow my mind on why they
do the things they do. Quit trying to figure it out, I say, it will only
drive you crazy.