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Sunday, June 12, 2011


They couldn't fix it.. left at least 10 inches of pipe sticking out of the ground. Took about 6 guys working on and off through the day to get it to that point. The next day it rained almost all day long. I took this picture on Friday and guess they won't be back until tomorrow to try to finish it up. Something about old pipes and fixtures fittings etc. NO KIDDING..the house is over 130 years's never had replacements. This was not going to be an easy job by any means!! Glad we are not footing the bill that is for certain. Quite a topic in the neighborhood. They are wondering what comes next???
Mom and Dad are just chuckling over this one I am sure!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011



You won't believe what happened! All the hub-bub surrounding getting things closed up on the house, Sis and I stood waiting for the city water dept guys to come turn off the water. We called them quite awhile back but decided to wait until we finally had the house empty to finish the job. GOOD thing we did.. one day it was like an oven in that house with no air. I stood under a COLD shower and boy did it feel good. LOL at least we could cool off.  SO....
Anyway, today the guy finally came to shut things down and he tried and tried to shut the water off at the curb. City crews do this almost on a daily basis so it is no biggie.. but this time.. well he ran into a problem. NOTHING budged..he hit it with a hammer and used a large turning wrench and it still would not move. I know you all know that picture of guys standing around ONE guy working..THREE guys later.. they broke the darn water valve. Seems it had been so long since the water had been shut off the valve was "frozen". I laughed and told the guys that probably was about 50 years worth! They will have to replace the whole thing! Glad we don't have to pay for it.. then one guy comes inside the house and into the basement and again.. he has trouble with the meter he is supposed to remove. It won't budge!  (I think MOM may have had something to do with this. She was sooooo stubborn!) The number two guy says he will step in and "help" it come loose. Can you guess what happened? broke into two pieces.. but they got it off. The city will have to replace it with a new one anyway when and if a new owner comes along. One guy asked me.."did the gas company have any trouble here?". I told him .."no, the meter was no problem..  he laughed and said."poor electric guy is next, I hope he doesn't electrocute himself trying to disconnect it here!" Gremlins..spirits..MOM..whatever it is..seems the old house just won't give up. The electric connection is way up the pole, between a tree and a fence and hard for a ladder to get to. I sure hope I am no where NEAR when the guy does it. If I hear an ambulance I will surely stop and see what's going on though.
Who knew there was such a real life in the old house..a  sort of will not to give up.
Sis and I left the house with echos of laughter over the antics of those fellows. Nice to hear it there one last time.