Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our days are sure hectic here now. Mom’s schedule change has us both wondering what day and what time it is all of a sudden. Funny how you get into your routine and are so comfortable with it and then a shift will make you so out of it. This morning it is 27 here and it’s like November decided to say HI..I’mmmm Bacccck!I am wondering whatever possessed me to wait so late to get a hair cut. Yikes now I have to wear a hat to keep warm, I feel absolutely hairless. Guess it will take time to get used to.

Spent hours Sunday going through the clutter and stuff that we don’t need any more. Packing things to sell or give away. Downsizing is needed here, so it is a necessary thing, but not a fun thing. Mom wants to keep everything she has collected over 60 years and I am the bad girl who has to try to convince her we really don’t need it. Change is hard for the elderly that is for sure. Good thing I have a lot of time to go through things, if I had to do it in a hurry I am sure treasures would probably be lost. I found some old things that Dad had that even Mom had never seen before. Some we wondered about and some Mom had a story to go with. One that intrigued me is a metal pin that was clearly a chauffeur’s license.I guess it was worn on a hat or a coat, I have never seen this and Mom had no idea where it came from. Best guess is that Dad wore it doing a job when he was young living in Tennessee.

I am headed out early today as we have many appointments and I am not one to be late..